Secrets and Surprises

Friday, January 6, 2023


First and foremost, Happy New Year. I hope it is filled with happiness, good health, and a little magic. That's my word for the new year, by the way. Happy. I think that covers a lot.

Well, life can be a weird and crazy thing. I turned forty in June and never would have thought my life would be as odd, exciting, and crazy as it is now. My point is, never think you're too old for anything. I became a bestselling author by thirty. It was and still is mind blowing to me. To think that so many readers related and loved these characters that lived in my head. I honestly thought, this was it. I'd hit my peak at thirty and I was incredibly grateful. 

But as my thirties progressed I realized, I still had a lot of hutzpah. There was still more in me. I wanted to accomplish more. I wanted to do more. I had more in me still waiting to be done. 

Life throws us curveballs and I had to take a sabbatical to take care of my daughter. It took time and a lot of work, but now she is healthy and working hard to reach her dream. 

I can't wait to be able to tell you her secrets, too! This kid amazes me on a regular basis.

And I'm helping her as much as possible. I'm also still reaching for my dreams--because we're allowed to have more than one. There is a lot of things I still want to accomplish and experience. There are a lot of things I still want to learn. And by damn, I'm going to... but I can't talk about all of them yet.

I can tell you this... I'm currently working on three secret projects. One is the re-release of a book that I love and am updating. Due to time constraints the first version was not everything I wanted it to be. It could have been better--stronger. So I've taken the time to update the book. No huge plot changes, but some adjustments to characters that make the story more compelling.

I'm also working on a Young Adult book, but I can't say much about it. I do not have a release date right now and cannot divulge the plot or give any hints other than I love every bit of this book--the plot, the characters, the twists. 

Last but not least is a secret I honestly can't tell you anything about. Non-Disclosure Agreements are serious things. So, I'm trying to be very careful with my words. Some of you will guess, some of you will be right, and some of you will be very wrong. What I can tell you? Holy crap, I'm excited. Oh man. This could be a dream come true. And despite how it might look, it's completely and utterly unrelated to anything else going on in my life. Just an awesome coincidence that has made me smile, given me crazy anxiety, and then made me smile again, God, I can't wait to talk about it more.

What have you been up to? Where are you headed? Any thing special going on? Fill me in! I want to know.



Henry: A Story of Cousins

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

I haven't updated in a while. So I have a bit to say. I'll try to intersperse with a few fun pictures to keep you entertained.

(New Author Headshot! Thanks, Val Tanuzzi!)

Life can be weird. I'm an author, a teller of stories, book writer. And now, I'm working on screen plays and starting a production company. I'll be 40 in less than a year and I'm still surprised by the projects I take on. For my readers, don't worry, I have books in the works. There are many, many books I have yet to write. I had to take a sabbatical when Nia became ill four years ago. I've never hid from you guys that family did and always would come first. While she healed and tried to find a new sense of normal, she found a love for acting. And in doing so, introduced me to a new form of story telling. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved movies. In fact, a long time ago I would have killed for an internship at ILM and to be a set designer, prop designer, or possibly even a special effects make-up artist. Life had other plans, even bigger ones. I became an author--something I thought was nothing but a pipe dream. Something people say they want to do but never achieve. Yet, with a husband that believed in me even when I didn't I was able to write the stories my heart wanted to read.

As Nia healed after her brain surgery and I helped her pursue her acting dream, I was exposed to a new form of story telling. Well, exposed in a much more personal, up close manner. But here I am, following my daughter from set to set, surrounded by this different way of story telling. And I have to admit I was intrigued. It's insane, really. One of the things I love about self-publishing is that I am in control. You've got me. I'm a control freak. I want the final say in everything when it comes to my books babies. Yes, I have people that I contract with and consult, but only because I trust them completely. But on sets? It's a million moving pieces, hundreds of people that all have important jobs. Some small, some big, some titles you recognize, and other jobs that never cross your mind. And yet, they're all just as important. All those little cogs, people, that come together and create one story. It's insane. And so am I. Because a piece of me fell in love with it. No, I have no desire to be in front of the camera. Uck. I will leave that for my daughter and root for and support her for as long as she wants to work in this insane industry. Just call me the dreaded 'Momager'/pack mule/ uber driver/ audition partner/ camera worker/ a million other things you wouldn't think of as the parent of an child actor.

But I do love and appreciate all forms of story telling. Wanting to help Nia and her friends learn more about cameras, cinematography, directing, editing, script writing, etc., a good friend (another acting mom, but more so, my friend) and I started something crazy. We opened a production company. JalaBean Productions is officially open and it's first project releases tomorrow. A micro-short film titled Henry: A Story of Cousins. As the girls learn, we learn. It's an amazing give and take. Most of Henry is improv. The girls had a story idea, a couple of lines, and then ran with the improv. It was a blast to watch them take it and see what they came up with. 


So tomorrow, Henry: A Cousin of Stories, debuts. And then on October 31st, the first episode of the web-series A Story of Cousins will debut. So. A micro-short film and a web-series. It's happening. And I think these will get better as they learn and we learn. This project isn't all about their acting. It's about them learning to tell a story via camera and script and improv. So I hope you will tune in tomorrow for Henry. Check out the JalaBean Productions YouTube Channel

For those of you waiting on books for me:

Yes, there will be another Flukes book. When it's time, it will be released into the great wide ocean--I mean the world. There is a prequel for The Accidental Assassin and a follow up book that will find Ava, Owen, Mavis, and burly scared undercover agent dealing with the Maria case.

I also am working on something secret. Something I've been keeping all to myself. Slowly putting it all together, so that it will be completely finished, the entire series before the first book is even published. This is a project that is close to my heart and a step back to my roots. Some of you only know me for my contemporary romances, but I'm a paranormal, fantasy junkie. And this is a return to that. I never intended to actually become a contemporary romance author. Though I love the stories I've written. However, the next series will be an epic fantasy. For those of you that hate that genre, my apologies. For those of you that haven't read my magical Christmas short story, Young Adult Urban Fantasy Trilogy (first ebook is FREE on Amazon!), or my paranormal romance, now might be the time. (Not to mention, Unholy Night, my last published book, co-written with Lux Karpov-Kinrade.) 

Ooooh. Why so serious?

While I've been away, I haven't stopped creating stories. I just slowed down and focused on my daughter. Books are coming and they're ones that I feel are not rushed and are the stories I wanted to write. I've also been learning about another form of story telling while making sure my daughter has a chance at her dream, the way my husband cheered me on in my seemingly impossible dream. After all, I have some experience in how a lot of hard work, timing, and little luck can all line up to make those dreams come true. So yeah, I'm serious. I'm dedicated to my craft and to my family. I just decided to adjust my focus a little and take more time. So, please keep being patient. This new series is dear to my heart, so I hope even my contemporary readers will give it a chance. And be sure to check out Henry tomorrow. 

Oh! A happy Nichole again.

Thank you all for sticking with me for so long. And I appreciate all your support and love over the years. 

Unholy Night by Nichole Chase and Karpov Kinrade

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

So, I did a thing. A crazy, insane, fun thing! I coerced the amazing Lux Karpov-Kinrade into writing a standalone Holiday Romance with me! And don't worry if you've been a bit naughty this year, because it looks like Lucifer is the one sneaking down your chimney... and maybe into your heart?


From Nichole Chase, the New York Times Bestselling author of Suddenly Royal, and Karpov Kinrade, the USA Today Bestseller of Vampire Girl, comes a holiday romance sure to put the magic back in your year.

No one tells you when you’re young that you will outgrow magic. It just happens, so slowly you barely notice it until one day it’s gone. That’s the most tragic part of growing up, I’ve always thought.
And now, as a broke, single mother, it’s my job to create the magic. To preserve it and guard the light of it as I pass the torch to the next generation.
And I’m failing right now.
This has been one of the hardest years of my life. But it’s Christmas Eve and I’m doing my best to make it special for my daughter.
That’s when I hear the voices. Two men downstairs arguing.
One is a solid Santa cosplay winner, down to the glint of glee in his eyes.
The other man… he is all darkness, hard sexy angles and eyes that suck in my very soul.
And they are both about to change my life forever.

I will not lose this. One night a year I leave all the stench of fear and pain, and revel in the magic of the human plane while making a few kids happy. Even if it’s a little unorthodox.
Of course, I also enjoy the irony of it all.
The letter was clearly addressed to me, not Santa. The old elf is at the wrong house.
In years past, the overgrown elf and I would just squabble a little and move on. I never could have anticipated he would quit his job and leave me with the responsibility of saving Christmas.
I’m Satan. I don’t exactly have a barn full of reindeer. And if I did, they would most likely be food for my demons, not to use as transportation. Thus begins the strangest Christmas Eve of my very long life.
With the help of a sinfully sexy woman who has no idea how magical she truly is, I’m going to make Christmas happen. And maybe show that red obsessed elf a thing or two.
This Christmas, in the most 2020 plot twist of all times, the magic of the season--and even true love itself--will be found in the most unlikely places.

LIVE DECEMBER 15th, 2020

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