A little surprise for Flukes

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Well, after several years, I decided it was time to give FLUKES a new look.

Here it is! What do you think? I fell in love with this picture immediately because it looked just like Meena and Blake.

I sent the image to Stephanie at Once Upon a Time Covers and she worked her magic to make it perfect. She understood exactly what I wanted. (She's also responsible for the amazing cover of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy covers and happens to be an amazing author.)

Flukes is currently on sale for $.99 right now too.
Barnes and Noble

Now, I want to touch base with you about RIPTIDE, the next book in the FLUKES series. I've received a great deal of emails and messages asking if I am indeed releasing that book and when I will do so. I'm afraid I don't have any more information for you right this minute. Riptide is coming, I swear. I'm dying to write the story and publish it for everyone else. Jacen is a loud character in my head. The truth, which isn't going to be popular (but I'm going to be honest with you anyway), is that I must focus on my contracted books with HarperCollins before I can move on to anything else. While FLUKES has a very vocal set of readers that love Meena and Blake as much as I do, this book has never been a big seller. That's totally fine and I'm not complaining. I wrote this book for me after I finished my first series and to be honest you never know if how you feel about a book will translate into sales. Those that read it loved it, got it, and want more--I hear you. I WILL get this book out.

So, straight up honesty here, I had to focus on the books that paid the bills. I also had to decide on how much time it took me to write books that I am proud to put out. I don't want to rush anything--I want readers to get my very best. That means taking my time and not throwing something together just to make everyone happy... because that wouldn't really make anyone happy, would it? I promise that when Riptide is released you will have the very best story possible... and you should have the very best. Because Jacen and Violet deserve a beautiful story. (Look, I just dropped a little information that some of you might have already figured out. Meena's best friend Violet plays a very important part on Jacen's story.)

So, keep on asking me when it's coming. Let me hear how much you want to read their story. I am going to make it happen. It's mostly plotted (just a few things to work out) the cover is done (whoa!) and I'm dying to write it. So, hang in there guys. Before you know it, Jacen will be swimming your way in all of his hunky merman glory.


BEDMATES: An American Royalty Novel

Monday, August 17, 2015

You can officially add the first American Royalty Novel to your Goodreads to-read list!

From the bestselling author of Suddenly Royal comes the first in a sparkling new series about America’s favorite royal—the First Daughter.

Everyone makes mistakes, especially in college. But when you’re the daughter of the President of the United States, any little slip up is a huge embarrassment. Maddie McGuire’s latest error in judgment lands her in police custody, giving the press a field day. Agreeing to do community service as penance and to restore her tattered reputation, Maddie never dreams incredibly good looking but extremely annoying vice president’s son, Jake Simmon, will be along for the ride.

Recently returning from Afghanistan with a life-altering injury, Jake is wrestling with his own demons. He doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with the likes of Maddie. They’re like oil and water and every time they’re together, it’s combustible. But there’s a thin line between love and hate, and it’s not long before their fiery arguments give way to infinitely sexier encounters.

When Jake receives devastating news about the last remaining member of his unit, the darkness he’s resisted for so long begins to overwhelm him. Scared to let anyone close, he pushes Maddie away. But she isn’t about to give up on Jake that easily. Maddie’s fallen for him, and she’ll do anything to keep him from the edge as they both discover that love is a battlefield and there are some fights you just can’t lose.


Shark Week 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I look forward to this week all year. All you have to do is check my social media. I love Shark Week. Hell, it was on the TV in the delivery room while I was in labor. No lie. I don't remember much, other than some Air Jaws between contractions, but it. Was. On. I wasn't going to watch something else in the middle of night while suffering. Nope. It was SHARK WEEK!

My daughter was born on August 4th 2009. It was the happiest day of my life.

And I managed to get though my contractions while watching giant great white sharks fly out of the water while trying to eat fake seals. It was amazing. If those massive creatures could launch themselves from the water, then I could get through the birth of my gorgeous daughter.

I eagerly await Shark Week each year. I set up my DVR as far in advance as possible. There are snacks planned ahead of time. At some point I'm going to host a really kick-ass Shark Week party. Complete with awesome cupcakes, shark fin hats, shark inspired snacks. Oh yes, it's going to happen.
And when I do have this party, it will be awesome.

Shark week is this wonderful bit of TV that shows us how beautiful (and terrifying) nature can be. Without realizing it, hundreds of thousands of people sit in front of the TV soaking up real-life facts. They're watching television and learning. (And deciding how they would fight off a shark attack of course.) This is a huge deal. With all of the misleading information on the internet this is your chance to flush your audience with truth. The Discovery Channel should continue it's legacy of education. Show the world how amazing our planet truly is.

But I've got to take my enthusiasm down a notch and tell you that I was so disappointed by the Megalodon crap. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Mermaid Mock-umentary. Loved it. (I write about mermaids, so duh, I love them!) But uh, mermaids have no real evidence. Megalodon actually existed at one point. So all of these people that were open to receiving fun facts and instead were given a load of B.S.

I get it. You've got to keep Shark Week fresh, interesting, give the people something new.

So, last night as I set up my DVR I thought of a couple topics that might be fun to look into for future shows. Ready? Here I go:

  • Prehistoric sharks. (Hey, Shark Week/ Discovery Channel PR people? You totally dropped the ball here. Jurassic World came out this summer. People are LOVING dinosaurs right now. They're hot. My daughter would have loved a show about sharks/shark types that were alive with dinosaurs and what dinosaurs they would have eaten. You could have possibly even done some promo with Jurassic World. How cool would that have been?)
  • Has global warming affected sharks and their habitat? We hear more and more about bull sharks farther up rivers. Have they always been there? Or is this a new development?
  • What about baby sharks? Where do all of the little baby sharks live? What do they eat? Where are do they hide and for how long?
  • What about animals that sharks are wary of? Can dolphins really kill a shark? Would they protect people? What about orcas? Will they hunt sharks?
  • I'm sure I can come up with more ideas. Those only took me like five minutes.

If you ever want talk ideas, hit me up. ;) Seriously, I just love Shark Week. But can we save the mock-umentaries for another time? You know what was an awesome *documentary*? The one about the giant squid. I still watch it when it comes on t.v. (Yeah, I'm a dork, but the good kind of dork.)

So, I guess the main point of this post is that I want to see more of the awesomeness that is nature and less of the trumped up fake shows.

Now, excuse me while I go make sure that my snacks are lined up and my schedule is cleared for next week.

This looks like my toothy grin
as I prepare for my favorite
week of the summer.
P.S. Readers, please be careful if you decide to go swimming in North Carolina. Maybe Shark Week can tell us what's up with that. ;) Also, avoid swimming on Tybee Island or Hilton Head Island--There is a warning about bacteria in the water. Just an FYI.
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