Late Night Writing

Friday, February 25, 2011

I stayed up rather late last night. Well, I should say that it was late for me-- midnight is well past my mother-of-a-toddler bedtime! But, the house was quiet and I was able to sit back and let the creative juices flow. It is simply amazing how much writing I was able to get done last night. 1500 words in just (as in 10 minutes) over an hour. I woke up this morning, and thought back to what I had written the night before. Suddenly I was curious as to just how much I had gotten done. So, after breakfast I came into my (newly cleaned and spiffy) office (that untill yesterday was in fact the guest room/ giant mess) and did a quick word count.

To say I was proud that I had gotten that much done, might be an understatement. 1500 words doesn't always flow that easily. I really think that it is because it was the characters themselves doing all of the work. They were alive last night, and having a serious converation. I was just engrossed in what they had to say! Hopefully I will be able to contiue this writing streak today, or rather tonight. With a toddler, there just isn't a lot of uninterrupted writing time during the day. But, I do get time to plot and plan while cleaning macarroni off the dinning room floor.  Plus, she giggles and does her happy food dance when she is eating macarroni, and that is just so darn cute!

I am working on getting a better description of my book. Hopefully I will post that sometime this weekend. That way you guys will be able to understand a little better what my book is all about.

T.G.I.F everyone!


  1. That is so awesome. The feeling you get when your characters come alive and you are simply telling their story rather than making it happen is the best!It isn't easy to find the time, but it is good to know writing is always waiting for you.

  2. Hear, hear, Lizzie! I love it when they are doing all the work, lol. Hopefully I will get a lot more done today :)


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