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Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's that time again! This weeks featured writer is Liz Schulte of Bat Country. To find her answer to this weeks question, please click on the picture of the quill and ink bottle. To see my answer to the question, just keep on reading.

Some people like to do it in the office. Others prefer it in bed. Some people like it on the dining room table. Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm asking where you like to write!

Now that I am a mother to a toddler, I find that the only place I can really sit down and get lost in my story is in the office. If I am at the dining room table, she thinks it is time to eat. Cheese! Cheese! is all I hear if I am any where near the fridge. She is going to turn into a really cute mouse any minute and start singing songs from Cinderella. Er, I went off on a tangent, didn't I? Okay, back to where I like to write. I have been working on setting up a place to write on the back patio. I want lots of plants, and a good breeze. (Not that I can control the breeze.) That way the munchkin can run around and play with the dogs while I talk to my characters. Not sure how that will work out, but it is the ultimate goal. The backyard is really a lovely place to sit on a cool, bright day. But with all of this rain, I will just content myself for now with a fan, and a flourescent lamp while sitting at my computer desk.

How do you join in the fun? So glad you asked. It’s really quite simple.

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Got rain? Hit the Stacks!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Okay guys, it is storming something fierce right now so I thought I would share some books that are on my TBR list. After all, isn't a thunderstorm the best time to sit down with a good book? Thankfully, April is bringing some wonderful books along with all of the rain. I know I should be writing, but I'm not even sure if the power will stay on long enough for me to finish this post, much less have time to work on my own novel!

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instrument series) by Cassandra Clare

This is the fourth book about Clary, Jace, and Simon. At first I was worried about this book, because originally The Mortal Instruments were intended to be a trilogy. The last book wrapped up a lot of loose ends, and I wasn't sure I could stand the torture of extending the love story between Clary and Jace. I won't say anymore than that because I don't want to ruin the series for any of you. But, I should have known that I couldn't fight the pull of Ms. Clare's writing. She has released little tidbits here and there that have made me crave even more. Jace is one of my favorite book hero's. He is strong, sexy, damaged and has a huge heart. Perfect combination!

 Look for CoFA on April 5th!

The next book that I am really looking forward to is Defiance (Strange Angels, book 4) by Lili St. Crow.

Dru Anderson is one of the toughest heroines in Young Adult books that I have come across (And I have serious passion for Young Adult books). Dru has always been odd, moving from place to place with her father who hunts things that go bump in the night. Things take a definite downhill turn in the first book when her father comes home one day- as a zombie. From that moment everything changes for Dru: she is alone, scared, and being hunted. The series grows momentum with each book, and I can not wait for Dru to finally 'Bloom'.

Defiance will be available on April 19th.
(Seriously, if you haven't read these books, run don't walk to your nearest book store and get your copy!)

The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book 1) by Kelley Armstrong

You may recognize Kelley Armstrong from her adult series about The Otherworld. She also has another YA series, Darkest Powers, which is how I found her books. I love that all of these books are set in the same world, yet the different characters have such a wide range of reactions and understanding about it. I am hoping that some of my favorite characters from her other books will make an appearance in the new series, and Kelley has hinted that it is a possibility! Yay!

And of course *drum roll, please* A Tale of Two Goblins, by H.P. Mallory

This is the second book in the Dulcie O'Neil Series and boy am I excited about it! This book is out right now (So go, go now people and buy it!) but I haven't read it yet. I am saving it as incentive to reach 60k words on Mortal Obligation. I know that once I start this book, I won't be able to stop it until I finish. H.P. has a way of making these wonderful realistic characters. The kind of characters that you can imagine hanging out with on a daily basis. I can't think of better incentive to reach my word count goals than to have this book waiting for me. And have I mentioned Knight? The yummy, delicious Knight that will leave the readers wanting... more!

Okay, I think that is enough books to keep you guys busy for a little while! I am off now to try and work on my novel for a little while since I still have power at my house. (Which is amazing, really, considering that I good stiff wind will sometimes leave me without power for several hours. Gotta love living in the country!)

Do you guys have any books to recommend that I didn't mention?

Follow Friday for Writers

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Brilliant Elizabeth Sharp has started a new way for all of us to connect and network. If you have a blog then you are a writer and are welcome to join the fun. The rules are simple. 

1) (Required) You must follow my blog
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So, I think that I am supposed to answer the following question and you guys are supposed to love it. Just kidding! After you read my response go check out the links at the bottom for their response.

What inspired you to start writing?

I have always had an overactive imagination, so the better question would be what wouldn't inspire me to write. I see stories everywhere, in everything. There isn't anything happening around you at any given time that can't be used as inspiration for a book, a short story, a poem, or music. Not that I write music or poetry, and if I did you really wouldn't want to hear it. I guess that if I approach this question from the angle of what inspired me to start writing Mortal Obligation, I could be a little more precise. About two years ago, (maybe a little longer) I was listening to music and an image formed in my mind. A girl standing in a square in downtown Savannah. She knows that something is coming for her, something big, something dangerous. She could run and hide, but she knew that they would just be waiting for her to come out. The girl knew she could handle whatever they were going to throw at her, but she had to master her fear.  The more I listened, the more happened in the scene playing in my mind. I would find myself thinking about it while doing random things, like eating, sleeping., the laundry. You get the picture. Eventually it took over everything, and that scene seemed to spiral. I started writing, because I had to get the scene out of my head. And then I had to know how it all began and how it all ended. I guess you could say that writing is a compulsion. It is something that I just have to do.

I have other stories that I have written over the years. The earliest that I can remember was written in crayon and color pencil. It involved a green rose, a giant wall, a witch and a happily ever after. My grandmother still has it, and brings it up when I talk to her. Every time. I love it, because even though the story was a wretched mess, it reminds me of my roots. The beginning of my writing career! I haven't wanted to stop writing since then, even if I got distracted by life at different times.

Memetastic Award!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay, I have been included in the Memetastic Award. Just a little fun with some fellow bloggers :) 
So here are the rules:

1. You must proudly display the absolutely disgusting graphic in a post. (Looks like a pre-k bulletin board.)

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them must be bold-faced lies. Your readers are to guess which one is the truth by posting a comment on your blog.

3. You must pass this awesomely, prestigious award on to 5 deserving bloggers.

One truth, four lies. Can you figure it out? If you are the one that knows the answer then you will win an awesome friendship with me! Isn't that much better than money, or yummy treats? (No, writer friends, not the zombie kind of yummies.) 

1. I am related to Robin Leach of The Rich and Famous.

2. When I was little I was bitten by a monkey. 

3. I have eaten chocolate covered grasshoppers.

4. I was cast in the movie The Last Song as a pregnant extra while they were filming in Savannah, Ga. 

5. While growing up I wanted to be an architect. 

I will now submit five other people to the torture of this terrible graphic.

So which is the truth?  EH, eh?? Guess away!

Playlist Muses

Monday, March 21, 2011

Music helps get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes, a scene will be completely based on a song that I have heard. Driving to work (when I used to work), on the way to the grocery store or the pediatricians office, I can hear a song that inspires an entire little movie in my head. In fact Mortal Obligation started out in just this manner. A song inspired a scene in my head and it spiraled from there. I had to know how it started, and how it ended. I. Had. To. Know.

So, here are the songs that inspire scenes in my book. (The list below is in no particular order. Just the random songs that go with the book.) There are also songs the represent certain characters, and the tensions that play throughout the novel.

This is the song that started it all:
Imaginary by Evanescence

It's Not My Time by 3 Doors Down
Untouched by The Veronicas
Knights of Cydonia by Muse (Over all Theme)
All Around Me by Flyleaf
Whispers in the Dark by Skillet
You Are the One by Shiny Toy Guns
Hysteria by Muse
Falling into You by Jem (Romantic Tension)
Sleep by My Chemical Romance
Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation
Never Alone by BarlowGirl
Hero by Skillet
Better by Plumb (Over all book theme)
Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
Good Enough by Evanescence
Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
Rolling in the Deep by Adele
Make You Feel My Love by Adele (Romantic Tension)
Comatose by Skillet
Running Out of Time by Muse
Jillian by Within Temptation
The Only One by Evanescence
Awake and Alive by Skillet
Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptaition

Some of my friends from my Writing Group (*Hi Guys*), are also listing their playlist for their Work In Progress. Head on over and check their selections out. (I think it is funny that we all have similar songs.)

VK Tremain (These lovely ladies have their playlist on the side of their blog.)
Bat Country
Some Sharp Words
The Bookish Snob: Writings of a Dreamer
The Musings of M.D. Christie (Includes a link to her playlist)
Spell Checked by C.G. Powell (Another technically savvy lady with her playlist set up as part of her blog.)

Do you have a song that inspires you? I'd love to hear about it- I am always looking for new writing music.

On Being a Mother and a Writer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When I sit down to write, there is always something else that needs to be done, to be washed, or to be loved. I should be clear that in my world, being a mother comes light years ahead of being a writer. No matter how much I want to sit down and type my little heart out, no matter how loud my characters clammer to get out, I am a Mom first. So, if that means constantly getting up to chase my daughter around the house while she squeals in delight, so be it. If that means staying up untill one in the morning writing, only to have that baby wake up as I am getting in bed? Well, that is my life. And really, I am in love with my life. It isn't perfect by any means, but I think that is one of the reasons it works so well for me. Perfect would be just a little bit boring. It is true that I would like to be able to sit down and write when I want to, to focus on my project the moment inspiration strikes. But, I will work with the time that I have and make the best of it.

The last couple of weeks, it has been difficult to find time to write. I squeeze in a few hundred words here and there, but not the word counts I would like to be achieving. When things slowed down a little on the home front, it was hard to get back into my writing process. It was a struggle, and I became very frustrated. Thankfully, some friends from the HP Writers' Group on Facebook, had some wonderful suggestions.  (Thank you guys!) I ended up turning on the play list for my book, and cleaning the house. Not only was I taking charge of something that I could control (cleaning up behind my daughter), my Muses woke up while listening to the music. I planned out a painting I want to do and VOILA! I was ready to write. Last night I got a good bit written, and finally went to sleep content. I felt like I was back on the road to finishing my book.

Watch out ePub world! Here I come.

* I know that this is not related to my book, or being a mother, or writing (Or maybe it is.), but I wanted to take a moment to say how much my heart hurts for the people of Japan, and their loved ones spread around the world. There is so much fear and pain in that region, it is staggering. My most sincere hope is that they are able to cool the nuclear plants and stop the spread of radiation. They do not need any more disasters to deal with at this time. If you or anyone you know has relatives or friends in Japan, I hope that they are unharmed, and you are able to make contact with them soon.

Sneak Peek: First Chapter

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am posting the first chapter of Mortal Obligation. Please keep in mind that this is unedited, and only the first draft. A lot of people have been asking me about the book and I thought this would be a good way to share. I have to admit that this makes me more than a little nervous. Up until this point, only family and friends have read any of the book. But, it is time for that to change. I value your feedback, and would love to hear what you think.

Ok, I'm going to post this now before I loose my nerve.

Chapter One

The spot just between her shoulder blades had been itching and crawling all night. She had the creepiest impression that she was being watched. Continually growing stronger and stronger. It was an unnerving feeling, all most tangible. More than once, she had found herself looking over her shoulder, trying to pick out the eyes that were fastened on her back. She had thought that it would go away, but since she had arrived at the restaurant with her friends, it had only intensified.
She shivered and looked down at the goose bumps on her arms as she pulled the sleeves of her black sweater down to cover her wrists. She had to be losing her mind. No one in the restaurant was even looking in her tables direction. Her mouth pressed into an irritated line. It was happening again. Seeing things that weren't there. Imagining that people were following her. Her dreams had become so realistic that she woke sweating, once crying out as she sat up in bed. Every year at about this time things always seemed to become strained. She chalked it up to the time of year. There was always a strain on the whole family just after the winter holidays.
She looked out the window, into the dark of the parking lot. As she looked at the cars, something moved to the left of the window. Dark, and quick, she couldn't be sure that she had even seen anything. She licked her lips nervously and craned her head to try and see better around the cars. There was a flash of movement in the back of the parking lot as something obscure seemed to disappear behind one of the cars. Her heart skipped a beat and her breath caught in her throat.
“Ree? Hello. Are you listening?”
Riana jerked her head around, blushing and looked at the people sitting at her table. She gulped and looked at the faces of her friends. Most were looking at her in amusement. “Sorry. I completely zoned. What are you talking about?”
“Geez, Riana. I asked if you had heard that new song they're playing on the radio. Doesn't it sound just like the beat for Impossible?” Weylin asked. Her friend looked at her intently with his brown eyes as if trying to force her agreement.
“Um, I'm not sure that I've heard the new song,” She tried to not look lost but Weylin just shook his shaggy head and moved the conversation along.
A couple of the people at their table chuckled and rolled their eyes. Riana was often in another world, a glazed expression on her face as she imagined some scene for a painting. No one really thought about her being in Lala land anymore. The only problem was that this time, Riana hadn't been lost in some painting, or planning some other work of art. She had been trying to figure out who was staring at the spot just between her shoulder blades.
She looked out the window again, and took a deep breath before turning to concentrate on her friends. The guys were arguing the comparisons between the band that they were going to see that night and some lesser known band. Juliette was laughing with Melanie as they watched Bryce flail his hands out in denial. Weylin was hunched forward trying to make his point by drumming the beats of the two songs on the table. Ree smiled watching them, and the tension in her shoulders lessened by a few degrees. She loved being with her friends. They always had a good time.
The person sitting directly on her right laughed loudly. It was a warm sound that made Ree's smile grow even more. She slid her eyes to the side so that she could covertly study his profile. Paden was tall, with brown messy hair that seemed to enhance the focus of his dark green eyes. He had a rugged quality that made him look dangerous, and she had to admit, sexy.
She had grown up with Paden watching out for her. It was only a few years ago that Riana had finally understood why all of her friends swooned when he showed up at her parents home. How she had missed the appeal that Paden held for all of those years still surprised her.
Listening to him laugh eased a little more of the tension gripping her shoulders. And she decided to try and forget her nerves and just enjoy the company. She swirled the straw in her cherry soda, and looked around the room. She grimaced when she saw a group of people approaching their table.
Michael and his girlfriend Shannon were in the lead, with some of their friends trailing behind. Ree paused as she scanned the group. Something about those two always struck her as odd. They made her uncomfortable, and not just because she didn't belong with the popular group. In the hierarchy of high school she was clearly labeled as an art geek. But Michael and Shannon weren't your typical evil popular kids. They never really did anything outlandish or horrible to anyone. It was something that just emanated from them. It probably didn't help that she swore she could see black swirling around them at different times.
Shannon made eye contact and gave her a small smile. On the surface it looked friendly, but something lurking in her eyes made Ree swallow. How could such a little person look so scary? Shannon's smile grew, turning into something all together frightening, then she winked. At that point Michael looked at Ree and jerked his head in acknowledgment of her stare and then went back to speaking to the friends that they had brought for the concert.
She looked at the new faces in curiosity. Michael introduced them as friends, and that was all. Because Michael was on the soccer team with Paden and he mainly addressed him. When she looked around the table she was pretty sure that everyone else was happy with that set up. No one really said much about Michael, but everyone knew that Juliette couldn't stand Shannon.
As for the people with them, they weren't their normal entourage. She had never met the tall, thin guy, nor the much shorter young girl. Paden seemed to know the guy named Adam, but didn't speak to the younger girl. She was short, and average looking. The dark circles under her eyes caught Ree's attention, making her wonder if the girl was sick. She jerked every time the waitress came near, and had seemed to shrink in on her self when ever anyone addressed her directly.
“Alastriana, how is the new job going?” Shannon asked over the guys conversation. Ree growled quietly and rolled her eyes. Why did she always insist on using her full name? She would never understand why her mother had given her such an odd name. Really, what had her mother been thinking? And while Shannon's tone was friendly, she knew that she did it just to irritate her as much as possible. They were in the same grade, and had shared many classes over the years. Shannon never made an attempt to conceal that she thought she was better than everyone. Her imagined superiority was always there, waving like a banner for everyone to see. Using her full name was just another little way of saying that Ree was a weird art freak. That was all normal for Shannon but this time, her voice sounded odd, like she was attempting to hurt Ree by using her whole name. Everyone at Ree's end of the table stopped speaking and turned to look at Shannon. The air in the room seemed to thicken for just a moment, as Ree decided how to answer.
“Well, everything seems to be going well so far. The boss seems really comfortable working around my school schedule.” In fact, Sophie, had been really awesome so far. She had even insisted that Ree take the night off to go to the concert. Looking around the table briefly there were almost angry looks on her friends faces. Paden rubbed a hand over his arm, and Riana noticed that he had goosebumps.
“You don't actually work with the antiques, do you? My mother has a chair there for repair. I know she would have a fit to know that a high schooler was playing with it,” Shannon sneered.
“Don't worry Shannon. Antiques can't find better hands than Ree. I'm sure she treats everything like it is special.” Padens deep voice brokered no argument. He turned to look at her, his eyes had an odd intense quality. She gulped. “Isn't that right Ree?”
“Um, yes. Such old things deserve a lot of respect and care.” She didn't look away from his eyes. She wanted to understand what was going on in his head. But the conversation and the serious look just didn't match. She wondered if he even knew what he was thinking.
Melanie cleared her throat before asking Weylin if he was going to finish his desert. He looked at his half eaten plate, then pushed it towards his cousin. No one really looked very hungry after that odd exchange. Mel ate a few bites of the pie and then loudly proclaimed that she was stuffed. Thankfully Michael and Shannon left soon after that, apparently they had tickets for the concert as well. Bryce asked for the checks when the waitress came back, and everyone rose to go pay their bills.
Paden grabbed Ree's bill before she could even look at the total. “I asked you to come, I will pay.” Ree sighed. He was always trying to take care of her. When would he realize that she was practically an adult? She was a junior in high school, with her very own job. Just because he was a year older didn't make him any more mature.
“Really Paden, I can pay for my own dinner! Besides I'm getting a free concert out of the deal because your friend bailed on you. I should probably pay for your dinner.” She put a hand on her hip, and gave him her stubborn face.
“I don't think so Ree. I'm paying.” He flashed his lopsided grin before turning to follow the others. He turned back to look at her over his shoulder and jerked his head to signal she should follow.
She sighed and joined every one at the counter. Bryce and Juliette were standing behind Michael and Shannon waiting to settle their bill. Bryce was running his hands up and down Juliettes arms in an attempt to warm her up.
“Are you cold? Why don't you put your jacket on?” He asked her.
She shrugged. “I think I'm just standing in a draft. I got goosebumps all of a sudden.”
Shannon snickered and turned to look at Juliette.
“Jules, are you not feeling well? Maybe you are coming down with something,” she smiled like that was a joke.
“Yeah, probably a stomach virus. I suddenly feel like I might puke.” Juliette scrunched up her face and looked around the room. “Or maybe I'm just allergic the cheap perfume that I smell.” She glanced back at Shannon and sniffed loudly in her direction. “Yep, most definitely something cheap.”
Ree bit her bottom lip to keep from chuckling, knowing that Jules couldn't stand Shannon. When pushed she never could give a good reason. She said it was just natural, like rain, the sun, and Adam Sandler's jokes. She had a thing for Sandler. Which was really lucky for Bryce. There weren't very many combinations of beautiful, smart, athletic, girls that also enjoyed a good fart joke.
She looked up at Shannon and her smile froze. The short girls eyes were dark, too dark. She tilted her head towards Juliette and made a sound that was something like a quiet snarl. Jules stood her ground, bared her teeth in a weird grin, and said, “I should have known that you had escaped from a zoo.”
Michael turned around and put a hand on Shannon's shoulder. “Now, now you two. You guys really could get along if you tried, you know. I bet you have lots in common.” Shannon straightened up, and tossed her dark hair out of her face. She sniffed and turned around without saying anything.
“Yeah, only if I ate out of a dog bowl,” Jules muttered. But it was quiet and she didn't take her eyes off of Shannon. Ree was still looking at Michael, unable to look away. There was a cloud of black circling around his head. She blinked, but it didn't vanish liked she had hoped. As if drawn by her stare, he met her eyes and his mouth pulled at the corners in some form of a smile. For the third time that night, Serene sucked in air through her teeth. Michaels eyes were black. The pupils so dilated that you could not see the normal brown. He chuckled after looking at her face, and then turned back to the cashier to pay the bill. Okay, that was just freaky.
Bryce turned and looked at Ree, his eyes wide. “Holy crap. Did you see that? He had, like, black eyes or something. Do you think they are on drugs? Maybe that is why they are so weird,” he said quietly.
Michael and Shannon walked off towards the exit, his arm around her shoulders. They caught up with their friends and headed out the doors. The smaller girl turned and looked at Serene. She glared at her, her eyes flashing with something dark. Finally she smiled, stuck out her tongue, and the ran off after the others.
“What is with them?” Ree asked. “They really give me the creeps.”
“They smelled odd. Did you notice that?” Juliette said quietly.
Ree shook her head and looked towards the door where Paden was waiting. He had paid before Michael and was waiting patiently for the others to get finished. Weylin and Melanie settled their bills and they all went out to the parking lot. Melanie, Weylin, and Juliette rode in Bryce's SUV. Serene made her way to Padens Toyota Corolla, and waited for him to hit the unlock on his key ring.
“We'll see you at the Civic Center,” Paden called as he walked to the passenger side of the car. Riana raised an eyebrow in question, but he merely shurgged then held the door open for her. This was somewhat new. She didn't really know how to respond, so she bit her lip and sat down in the seat before buckling the belt. He closed the door gently behind her. She looked up at him through her window as he turned around. For just a moment he paused, looking quickly about the parking lot and then shrugging to himself. He made his way to the drivers side and reached for the handle. Again he paused, looking around the parking lot. His gaze lingered on the dark corner that Ree had watched earlier, and she felt a thrill of fear. Could he feel it too? Had he seen something? Finally he opened the door and sat down in his seat. She immediately hit the automatic lock making him look at her and smile.
“Afraid of the dark?” He asked with a quiet chuckle. But she noticed that his eyes looked a little tense, and his smile a bit strained. He put the key in the ignition to start the car.
She rolled her eyes trying to be nonchalant. “Just random muggers, vampires, and aliens.”
He laughed and turned the key to start the car.
Suddenly a violent shudder racked her body causing her teeth to chatter. Her hand gripped the handle bar on the door, her knuckles white. If the feeling of being watched in the restaurant had been intense, it did not come close to explaining the fear that coursed through her body at this moment. Something dark ran in front of the car, barely brushing the bumper before the headlights came to life.
“What the hell was that?” Paden exclaimed, looking towards the moving bushes.
Ree shook her head and did her best to slow the beating of her heart. For the first time in her life, since all of the weird things had started happening to her, she prayed that it was all her imagination. Nothing more than an overactive fantasy life. She had always wanted proof before, that she wasn't insane. But now she would be happy to know that it was only shadows just out of sight. In fact, she was pretty sure that a lot of artists were insane on some level. She took a deep breath, and tried to calm her heart. Yeah, she could work with the whole quietly insane artist thing. Padens hand touched her arm causing her to jump. She curse and looked up at him, her eyes wide.
“It's alright Ree. Probably just a bird, or something. Hell of a timing, though.” He shook his head ruefully and pulled out of the parking lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope it peaks your interest.

That Mother Writer

Friday, March 4, 2011

So, I am That Mother Writer. You know what I am talking about. I am the one that chases her kid around the playground the whole time working out book scenes in her head. Or better yet, acting out the dialouge from an intense part of her book. I am That Mother Writer. The one that has the cute kid that you don't want your children to play with because then you might have to converse with me. And I just might give you parts and places to stand to help me figure something out.

I'm the woman pushing the shopping cart around the grocery store while making up stories about the other shoppers. I am the Mom that listens to mood inducing music, that goes along with the scene I am working on. Over and over, and over again. I am That Mother Writer. The one that nods her head to whatever you say, and then asks what the name "Sir Poopsmoocha" brings to your mind. I am That Mother Writer.

I have a dazed look on my face while making dinner, and I can't remember the last time I really sat down and watched television. Who is this Kardigan family that you always talk about? Do they have special powers, fur, or fangs? No? Oh. Then why would I watch it? I am That Mother Writer.

Maybe once I have my book published, and you've read it at your book club, then we can be friends. And you won't refer to me as, That Mother Writer, like it is a curse. Even if it is just a little bit.
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