Coffee Shop Writing

Friday, May 27, 2011

As one of my fellow writers pointed out, I am a prime example of the writer cliche. Here I am sitting in a trendy little coffee shop with my laptop, notebook, and iced coffee drink. I am the writer you see in every movie, huddled over in the corner typing furiously away. Well, depending on when you look over here anyways. Sometimes you might catch me scratching my head while deep in thought, or shaking my head in amusement. You might even catch me nodding my head enthusiastically as I write a scene that has me really excited. You know what I am talking about! (Stop shaking your heads, you're only making my point for me.) See, another cliche proven true today... The crazy writer- mumbling to themselves, groaning in frustration, or simply smiling like a lunatic.

Basically, the hubby gave me a pass for the day. He pointed at my lap top and then at the door. He willingly accepted munchkin duty so that I can work on finishing this draft. Isn't he awesome? So, I better get to it and prove that it was a useful escapade. Maybe that way I can run up to this little coffee shop another time in the name of uninterrupted writing. Or maybe I will take my little cliched butt to another coffee shop and write there! I'm up to two now. Might as well find some more...


  1. OMG, that is too funny and so true as that was me EXACTLY yesterday! I even caught myself mumbling about the scene I was working on and looked around to make sure no one was staring at the "crazy lady" talking to herself (little did they know ;) It's the only way I can truly write as I too have a small munchkin at home and have to go to the coffee shop or the book store cafe (where I usually find my muse).

  2. Nothing wrong with being a cliche, as long as you finish your book son cause I wanna read it. ;)


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