Sunday, May 1, 2011

On the very day that I finished the rough draft for Mortal Obligation, I received word of a terrible tragedy. Nick Adams, a friend and superb artist, lost his two nephews to a house fire. They were only 2 and 1 years old. My daughter is not 2 yet, and I can not imagine having her future of possibilities taken from her at such a young age. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I cried for those two boys. I cried for their parents, and for their little sister who would never know them. I cried for an uncle that would not get to watch his nephews grow up, never get to give them pick up lines to use on girls, or help them learn to drive.

A paypal account has been set up to accept donations for the family. They have an infant girl who no longer has a crib, clothes, bottles, or a nightlight. Much less a place to plug that night light in. If you can, I ask that you take a moment and a few dollars and donate to a family that is in real need. It doesn't have to be much. Every little bit helps, and often it is just knowing that there are other people in the world that care about you that provides a little hope during dark times.

To read Nicks blog, please click here. There is a button on his website for donations. Please take a moment to at least read their story. Those two little boys deserve that.

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  1. Boy, that's heartwrenching news. I'm thinking of him and his family. Lots of goodwill from my family and myself. Darrell.


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