Is That Book Ever Going to be Done?!?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Publishing a book is like running a marathon. Not that I have ever run a marathon, mind you. But it is like what I imagine running a marathon would feel like. I do have a good imagination after all. To run a marathon it takes a lot of preparation, a lot of work, and a lot of determination. All of those things are required to publish a book. The good news is that I am in the last leg of the race. I'm rounding that last corner and I can see the finish line.

Mortal Obligation will be released by August 1st. 

That date may change by a week or so, but it will be out by August. I'm tying up the loose ends and finalizing issues at this point, but it very well may be out a week earlier than August 1st. I can't tell you how excited and nervous or how ecstatic and nauseous that I am. The last leg of this adventure is proving to be incredibly busy, but of course trying to raise a toddler while writing a book kind of makes that a moot point. The entire time I have been busy and constantly running. (No really, you wouldn't think something with such short legs could move so fast!) But I wouldn't trade a moment of it! I love my life. I love my family. I love my job. That's right. Writing is my job and I love it.
So, the main point of this post was to let you know that Mortal Obligation will be out in a month! (Eeek) So now that I have made my announcement I am going to go work on all of the little details that need to be taken care of and try to not throw up. ;)

--Completely off topic, but I took my daughter to see Sesame Street Live today at the Civic Center. She had a blast, and I loved watching her dance to the music and clap for Elmo. Too cute. It was all fun and games until someone brought out the Elmo balloons. $10 for a balloon? You have got to be kidding me! And people were buying them up! *headpalm* By the time we left there were several hundred dollars floating around the rafters. The moral of this story is-- don't spend $10 on a balloon! LOL.That's just crazy.


  1. WOO HOO I'm on your heels. Very exciting.

  2. Yay!! I'm sooo excited for you, that's awesome!

  3. Congratulations! Big happy dance for you! I empathize with the challenge of balancing your babies -- your children and your WIP. Sounds like you're knocking it out of the park, though.

  4. Congratulations, i know how you're feeling, i too am writing and my planned release date changes each time because of something relating to the book or just life itself. Keep on doing the work and everything will turn out well. Many success with your novel:)


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