What Have I Accomplished?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well, I have been incredibly busy. Life likes to throw us curve balls, you know? I could tell you all about it-- but really, who cares? Lol. Instead, let me tell you about what I have accomplished in the last week.

I wrote a short piece of flash fiction to submit to the Snowbunnies from Hell anthology. It is due on the 15th, so I am cutting it close. Thank goodness for Scott, who pushed me to finish the piece, otherwise I may have caved to stress. I'm not sure about the rules about publishing the short on my blog-- but if it turns out that I can, I will do so. It is a short piece, that I think is a fun little read. If I am lucky it will end up in the anthology, and I will be able to say I am a published author. (Eeep!)

I have also written my -new and improved- author bio to put on my new website. (Coming Soon to Computers Near You!) So, here it is:

Nichole Chase is a daydreamer. No, really, just ask any of the math teachers that had the misfortune of seeing her name appear on their class schedule. For years she has had story lines and characters begging for attention, but she resolutely pushed them aside to focus on more normal (read, boring) jobs. Well, no longer! She is currently heeding the voices in her head and frantically writing their stories. Nichole resides in South Georgia with her husband, energetic toddler, three dogs, and two cats. When not devouring novels by the dozens, you may find her writing, painting, crafting, or chasing her daughter around the house while making monster noises. 

And there you have it! I am headed to try and catch up on some sleep! Have a great week everyone :)

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  1. Yay, Nichole! That's great that you are submitting with all the craziness. I know you've been working hard editing, and getting your MS ready! Great job!!


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