Ninja Nichole

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ninja Nichole kicks, slashes, and brutally attacks to-do lists. After demolishing edits, crafting adorable birthday invitations, and cleaning the house, she has plenty of time to spend a beautiful summer Saturday with her family.

Ninja Nichole is a well rounded woman. Capable of writing witty prose while doing the dishes, story plotting while potty training, and crafting while sleeping-- In other words, she is really kick ass.

Ninja Nichole is not available for parties or public events. If you have an emergency, you should get off the internet and call 911. If it is only a minor emergency, Ninja Nichole recommends that you seek out a friend and rant like a lunatic. After all, Best Friends are often just Ninja's in disguise.

For any of those that are curious, Ninja Nichole thought you would like to know that Mortal Obligation is almost ready for publishing! *round house kick that turns into an awesome back flip* "Hiya!!!!" If everything goes smoothly from here on out then the book will be ready for purchase this coming weekend. *Ninja Nichole glares at all possible obstacles*

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  1. That's so awesome 'Ninja Nichole'! I can't wait to read it!

    Michele Orengo


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