Paperback is Now Available!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The paperback for Mortal Obligation is finally available! Woot! If you are interested in purchasing a copy, it is for sale on Amazon for $9.99. It will be available on Barnes and Noble and few other select stores, but may take a little longer.

In honor of the upcoming Labor Day, I have partnered with the Indie Book Collective and lowered the eBook price of Mortal Obligation to $0.99! This weekend be sure to check out the Indie Book Blowout where all of the ebooks on their site will be reduced to only $0.99. There will also be some really great prizes, including $100 worth of gift cards and a KINDLE! If you purchase any of the books from the website, you can enter your purchase code for FIVE extra entries! How awesome is that?

In book related news, I will be announcing the title for book 2 this weekend. I'm so excited about the next installment of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy! A lot if happening for Ree and her friends. Not to mention that things are heating up between Ree and two irresistible guys. Can she differentiate her current feelings from those of a past life? *Insert a Candice Flynn evil laugh from Phineas and Ferb here* I am loving the drama and angst in this book.

Okay, back to the writing cave for me. Have a good week until next time!

Quotes, Reviews, and Tornados

Monday, August 22, 2011

This is going to be quick, so hold on to your shorts...

I was very honored to have a quote included in an article for the Huffington Post. Big thanks to Martin Perry for giving me the chance to spout my thoughts as if they are important ;)  Seriously, though, I think it is pretty cool. If you would like to check it out, click here. If you enjoy the article be sure to "Like" it on Facebook, or tweet the link.

My very first blog review is up! Stop by Tigers All Consuming Books, comment, and follow. She has a very insightful blog full of well thought out reviews. I really appreciate the time she took to read my book and give an honest review. I can't say this enough: Book bloggers make the world go around. Seriously. If they stop telling people what to read, the Earth will fall off it's axis. I'm so not joking here. So, be kind to your favorite book bloggers: show them love, comment, and follow.

Today has been a whirlwind. (Lame pun. Har har.) A small tornado came though my neighborhood and completely destroyed the wooden fence in the backyard. (Now you get the bad pun... go ahead and groan. I did.) It ripped off the gates (Huge, heavy gates) and flung them across the street into a neighbors yard. It ripped off a lot of the siding from the house and flung it around the subdivision. Thank God, no one was hurt. It was a terrifying afternoon with my toddler tucked up next to me under a pile of pillows in the hallway. That low, but loud whump,whump sound reverberating through the house as I attempted to calm the munchkin by playing peek-a-boo with all of the pillows. We were so very lucky. Things could have been much worse than they turned out to be. As it is, most of the damage was superficial. My daughter and I were unhurt. My dogs were unhurt. Somehow, the flying gates of hell missed the cars that were sitting in the driveway 15 feet from where gate posts were cemented into the ground.

I'm sorry this is short and abrupt, but I am exhausted after this afternoon. I have a few things to do, but I am calling it an early night. I hope you all are safe and had a wonderful weekend.

A little bit about what is going on.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've been busy writing. It makes it hard for me to keep up with everything else, because when I am writing other things tend to land on the back burner. Well, except for the stuff concerning my daughter. She is always foremost in my mind.

So, this is going to be a quick little post to let you know about some things that are going on with the book. Sales are still relatively good, considering that I am a brand new author. Oddly enough, I have noticed that good sale days tend to alternate between Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (knock on wood it keeps going that way.) Let me clarify what a good sale day means for me. It means anything that is better than a no sale day ;) I still get excited by one sale. Two or three? Watch out... I might be signing and dancing around the house! Anything more than that and I am not fit to be around. It's hard to hold a conversation with someone that is squealing ;)  Okay, I'm not that squeal-y, but it does make me pretty chipper.

I got the first proof for the paperback version of Mortal Obligation. It is hard to explain what it feels like to hold that physical copy in my hands. To open it up and see the words that I wrote, that I slaved over, written in ink... Well, to quote a famous commercial: Priceless. I had to make a couple of little changes, but will be ordering the next proof in a day or so. Once I make sure that everything is correct on that one I will hit the publish button. I will make sure that I post on here and on Facebook when the paperback is available.

In other news, I have some fun promotional things coming up. Guest posts on several different blogs, interviews, and book reviews. I will be sure to let you know when those go up as well. If you haven't purchased your copy of Mortal Obligation yet, there will be some giveaway opportunities too. I am also working on doing a giveaway here on my blog. Possibly a signed paperback, an eBook or two, and something a little more fun. I also have some outtakes that I will be posting from Book One of the trilogy, that Paden and Roland fans might find interesting >;o) Let's just say they have had conversations that poor Ree has no clue about.

So far, Book Two (nope, still not telling you the title) has been a lot of fun to write. I hope that translates well for the readers. Keep checking back, because I will be posting some teasers eventually. (I already have one picked out... *fans self*)

Hm, speaking of #2, I need to go work on the current chapter.

Adieu, people! I hope you guys are having a great week.

Goldfish Cupcakes And A Stuffed Cat

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yep, you read that title correctly; Goldfish cupcakes and a stuffed cat. In this blog post, you can expect to find pictures of the cupcakes I made for my daughters 2nd birthday party, a picture of a little fake kitten that my daughter fell in love with-- and Nana willingly bought her. If you're lucky, I also might talk a little bit about the book, and what is going on with it at this moment. And, if you're really, really lucky I might talk about book 2! ;) (Okay, so you might as well figure you're going to get lucky. Um, er, you know what I mean...)

So, for my daughters 2nd birthday, we decided to keep it low key. For her first birthday we went a teensy bit overboard and apparently it mentally scarred my husband forever. So on top of the stress of releasing my book we decided we didn't want to do anything drastic this year. We had friends and family over, and since my daughter loves all things that have to do with water and being outside, we set up a mini water-land for the kiddies to play in. Her little pool, the awesome pirate ship water table that her grandparents bought, a sprinkler, bubble machines, sidewalk chalk, balloons... you know what? I think we didn't keep it too simple after all. Hmpfh. Anyways, the water theme is wear the goldfish came into the theme.

So, I was a little proud of my cupcakes :) They were a big hit with all of the kids, and VERY simple to make.

Now, as for the stuffed cat... I went shopping with my mother in law yesterday and my daughter fell in LURVE with this little kitten looking thing. It was curled up like it was sleeping in one of the display cases and my munchkin squatted down next to it and ooh'd and ahh'd and giggled like a little fiend over this kitten. When we would pick her up and walk away she would run back as soon as she could escape and make little tsking noises at the glass. Well, when Nana saw that, there was NO WAY she was leaving with out it. And as if my daughter had not just gotten a mountain of toys at her birthday party, we brought home that little stuffed cat.

Cute, right? Oh, wait! I didn't tell you the best part. It is made out of real rabbit fur and sheep skin... and it sheds. We carried that little kitten everywhere; Into the restaurant where we ate lunch (it sat on the table, and even on Nana's head) (BTW, Nana, you are lucky I didn't get a picture of that or it would have ended up on my blog. Payback for all of the times you've tried to embarrass me! >:o] ) and received kisses from everyone that she could solicit a smooch from for her kitten. And since that little kitten sheds rabbit fur that meant we had rabbit fur stuck all over our faces. Fun!

Okay, on to book stuff... Mortal Obligation has been out for almost two weeks now. It is doing pretty well for a brand new book from an unknown author. The last two days have been a little slow, but it is the middle of the week and a little of the new has worn off. I have several book reviewers (whom I respect and know that they will be honest) lined up to do reviews on their blogs. Most of those are set up for September, so hopefully I can manage to drum up a little exposure over the next couple of weeks until those hit. I will be sending out eARC's atleast a few weeks before the next book comes out. Which will hopefully work out a little better. (You live and learn, right?) Speaking of the next book...

I have spent a good bit of time this week working on book two. At this moment, I have a working title for it, but I'm not ready to share that just yet. Hopefully by the end of this month I will have made up my mind and will share with all of you. So far this book is flowing pretty easily. And let me tell you: There is going to be some drama, and some angst, and some steamy scenes!!! WOOT. In fact, I'm pretty excited about writing it all! This part of the process is so much fun. Everything is new and shiny in your head... unlike at the end of editing. LOL  I also should tell you that at this point, my goal for book two, is to have it out and in your hands/ereaders by Christmas. Or shortly after! So, fingers crossed that it keeps going smoothly!!!

Okay, I'm almost done rambling, but I need to give a shout out for my friend Elizabeth Sharp. Her book Natural Selection comes out this Friday! (Yippeeee!) I have been waiting on this one. It looks great and the premise is really original. Be sure to check it out :) And if you buy it, be sure to leave a review!!!

Before I go, I want to take a minute to thank everyone that has bought the book and left reviews. Reviews, help other readers decide if they would like to give it a try. Indies live and die by word of mouth- So, thanks!

An Important Week: Book Release and a Special Birthday

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As many of you know, I released my first novel this past weekend. Barnes and Noble finally joined the party today-- making it completely official in my head. It is hard to describe how it feels to be published. On one hand it is utterly terrifying to know that people are out there, in places I don't know about, reading my book. On the other hand, I woke up this morning to 2 five star reviews on Amazon. TWO! And it was quickly joined by another! I also have reviews on and Smashwords. How lucky am I? Yes, people are out there reading my book... and some of them apparently really enjoyed it! That makes my heart soar. Not much could compare to that... except...

Tomorrow is my daughters 2nd Birthday. Really, in less than one short hour, my little baby will be a little girl. That is just as gobsmacking as selling books. I mean, sure, it is what we expect for our children. That they grow up to be happy, intelligent, well adjusted adults. But to watch it happen? To know that a short while ago she could barely speak words, yet now she forms sentences, puts puzzles together, and plays make believe... that is the most astounding thing in the world.

Yes, I am proud of the book I have published. It was a long road, that required a lot of hard work and perseverance. But my single greatest achievement is by far my daughter. There is nothing to describe the pride I feel when I look at her dance around the house or chatter at her father about her day. Honestly? The only word I can think of is: joy.

Happy Birthday Baby. May all of your dreams come true. Xoxo
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