Teaser Tuesday #3 and Winners Announced!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So! It's that time! Time to annouce who the lucky winners are of some cool Mortal Obligation swag!!! The lucky winners are Tee and Ifrah! Woot!!! Tee, you won the first prize pack so I have to know which keychain you want... though I think I can guess. ;)

I will be contacting the winners tonight and they will have seven days to respond. If I have had no response in the next seven days I will draw a new winner.

Now, on to...


                “That’s me. The diligent student.” He reached out to tuck some of her hair out of her face.

                “Hm. Diligent students wear their uniforms and bring backpacks full of paper and pens.” She pointed at his clothes and smiled. “I think your forgot the rest of your ‘Diligent Student’ disguise.”

                “Don’t let my bad boy good-looks fool you. I came prepared.”  He pulled a pen out of his jacket pocket with a flourish, making Ree laugh.

                “I don't know," Ree said. She couldn't let the opportunity to pick on his pass her by. "I think you still might be ill-equipped.” 
               “Trust me, that definitely isn’t a problem.” Roland winked at her as heat rushed into her cheeks. “Besides, I'll just sit next to you and borrow whatever else I need.” His devilish smile made Ree's heart beat accelerate and she noticed some of the girls at lockers near the office make swooning motions.

Keep your eyes open for next Tuesday's teaser and a special interview with the amazing Elizabeth Hunter, the author of A Hidden Fire. She has written one of my favorite books of the year and I am very honored to be hosting her on the release day. She will giving away a copy of her book to one lucky commenter! So, don't miss out!

Also, before I skidaddle to write some more, I wanted to let you all know about the Paranormal Plumes Society Indie Discussion and Book Signing on October 29th. Eleven authors will be gathering here in Savannah at the Southwest Chatham Library to talk a little about the process and to answer any questions. I would love for everyone to come out and meet me, and to support all of these wonderful authors who are making the trip to our lovely town. Let's show them what Southern charm is all about!
If you would like to know a little more about the event, check out the amazing website Fisher Amelie and her husband put together: http://www.theplumessociety.com
We will also be doing a dinner and ghost tour, for those that are interested in joining us!


  1. SQUEE! I totally forgot about their epic plans to have Roland go to school with Ree!!!

  2. Oh that sounds like so much fun! Which I was closer!!

    Cherry Bomb


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