Teaser Tuesday and a WINNER!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Okay guys! It's time to announce the winner of the A Hidden Fire Giveaway! Drum roll, please....

(tat, tat, tat, tat-a-tat, tat-a-tat, tat-a-tat. Have I mentioned that I'm a dork? Eh, you've probably already guessed!)


I will be passing your information along to the amazing Elizabeth Hunter and she will be in touch with you soon. You won't be dissappointed. This book is absolutely amazing and will leave you wanting more. And more. And more. Thank goodness we don't have to wait long! Book 2 will be out in December!

So, now for this weeks Tuesday teaser.

“Hunky Paden has two godly patrons?” Teagan pulled her feet down from the table and leaned towards Paden, her mouth curving into a sultry smile. “Now, that is interesting. Someone was planning ahead with you.”

So there you have it. Looks like Ree might need to watch her back ;)

So, now for some fun news... and speaking of news, I am going to be ON THE NEWS this Thursday. Laura Elliot and I will be appearing on Mid-Morning Live on WTOC to promote the Paranormal Plumes Indie Discussion and Book Signing this coming Saturday in Savannah. I'm excited and incredibly nervous! I will post the link for you to be able to watch the segment online later that night.

If you would like to watch it streaming live on October 27th at 10am: http://www.wtoc.com/story/3436885/mid-morning-live

If you are in the area, we would LOVE for you to come out and meet us on Saturday! We're all going to talk a little about our creative process and the indie publishing industry. So, if you have questions about our books, how to publish your own books, or anything thing else, stop by the South West Chatham Library on October 29th at 10am. We may even have some free goodies to hand out. :)


The Authors:
M. Leighton
Tiffany King
Michelle Muto
Fisher Amelie
C.A. Kunz
Wren Emerson
Abbie Glines
Amy Maurer Jones
Laura Elliot
and of course, Me!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on FB or through my website: www.nicholechase.com

We would also like to give a special thanks to Jody and Tim of Mid-Morning Live on WTOC! And of course, the wonderful South West Chatham Library for hosting our event. (And a big personal thank you to Daniel O. for all of his good ideas. You rock my sock, Daniel!)


  1. wow I am sooo wishing I was gonna be there to see you gals!

  2. but I want you to post the link..I want to see your appearance!


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