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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Okay, that title sounds a little dirty. o.O

I recently added a 'cast' for the Dark Betrayal Trilogy to my blog. (Just click on the link above to see my picks.) I wasn't really happy with my current choice for Roland (my apologies to the actor I chose. Your hot and all, just not Roland) so, I put out a call for help on Facebook. And boy did you guys bring lots of help to my Facebook pages.

I'm going to post the pictures of my top three choices so that you can see just how tough it was to pick the winner.

Top Three:

Mandy Twimom 101 Book Blog
Celina Ortiz

Becki Perkins

Awesome people that contributed hot guys for everyone to look at on my Facebook page:

Andrea Wilmot
Whitney Miter
Chelsi Robin Erickson
M.D. Christie
Tanya Contois
Mireille Chester
Anne Victory
Nikki Rhodes
Jennifer Stark
Jessi Gibson
C.G. Powell
Now, here is the fun part of the contest!

The Winner!

And the even funner part? Everyone that participated is getting an eARC of Mortal Defiance! Woohoo! *throws confetti*

Also, I feel like this guy just deserves a special mention.
Don't drool on your keyboard.

Happy Yule!
Happy Hanakuah!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Kawanza!
Happy every other holiday!

Thank you to everyone that played along. It was SO much fun to see what everyone pictured. And, now I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of Mortal Defiance.

To get your ARC copy of Mortal Defiance please comment with your email address or pm me on FB so that I can get it to you. If you don't want a PDF, please make sure that you tell me exactly what type of file you would like. (Keep in mind that it will take a little longer for anything other than a PDF. I have to wait for the formatter to finish.)

**These are ARC copies, so keep in mind that there might be a couple of things that will be changed after the final pass of my proofreaders, but the story will be the same!**

**Also, if I mentioned your name on the above list, just let me know!**


  1. David Gandy!!! *Drools* my email is christinegpowell at gmail dot com. PDF is fine.... Thank you for the ARC you rock!!!

  2. OMG!!! I'm so excited, plus I think the one you chose is totally Roland. I'm fine with a pdf Thanks again, this is so awesome.

  3. Thanks! This was fun... Sooooo looking forward to Mortal Defiance :o)~

    somecallmecelina @

  4. Ahhhh! So much hotness!!!
    Can't wait to read Mortal Defiance! How amazing are you for giving it to everyone who participated!?! I could just hug you! :)))
    *bouncing with excitement*
    Jessica L. Mclaughlin (facebook)
    I will take whatever format gets it to me the fastest! :D

  5. I've been checking Amazon once a day for over a week for Mortal Defiance! I'll gladly read the ARC in PDF, then buy the final later. That is so generous of you to let the fans have this opportunity. Thanks

  6. OMGosh. You SO picked the right winner. Who is that guy? He's dreamy. Seriously. I'm in love. Thanks for the free EARC, Nichole Chase. You're the best. Long live the Pineapple Fanny Pack club! LOL. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  7. I still have no idea who half these people are but to the winner - ya done good.

    I pitched my tent outside the movie theater when tickets for Star Wars Episode 1 went on sale waaaay back in 1999. I've pitched my tent again for the release of Mortal Defiance - I'm typing this on my smartphone from the front yard of my house. I've got snacks, re-runs of 'Buffy' playing on my laptop and I've even got one of those cool count down signs strung up on my house which I 'borrowed' from the headquarters of my city's newspaper (don't worry - it's a Murdoch paper. They've got bigger problems right now).

    I kinda smell funny...cos I haven't showered in, like - I think it's coming up for six weeks now. But I am not going to miss out on the launch of this new book for anything.

    So to all of you - especially the marvellous Nichole - have a happy Christmas...

    ...and I'll chuck a shrimp on the the Bar-b for ya.

  8. Thank you Nichole and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. Wow! Perfect!!!! Me n my daughter are SO excited to read Mortal Defiance! Email is

  10. I'm so glad everyone seems to agree with my choice.

    I do need to clarify though, that only the people that participated in the contest (posted pictures on my FB wall as entries or sent me a pm) are eligible for the eARC. I'm sorry I can't offer everyone an ARC but at this time it's not an option. If your name isn't on the list above or is different on fb than it is on bloggers but you did participate, please send me a message on fb to confirm the ight address.

    I hate that there may have been any confusion but if you look under the winner you will see where I stated that it was for the participants.

    Don't worry though. I'm sure I will run more contests in the future here on my blog and on fb. Make sure to double chances of hearing about the giveaways and contests by liking my page on Facebook. You never know when I will decide to just give everyone that entered a prize again. This isn't the first time it's happened and I'm sure it won't be the last!

  11. Dean, you sure no a way to a girls heart- comparing my book release to a star wars release? And serving Shrimp on the bar-b? *swoon*

    Just keep your distance, please. I'd hate for month old Dean stench to ruin my appetite. ;)

    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  12. btw - I knew I wasn't qualified for the entry...and I wouldn't dream of not purchasing your book on day 1. We authors have gotta look out for each other.

    And...I did have to shower...I'm writing this from the Haem/Onc Unit at my Children's I had to get presentable.

    But the tent is still erected and I got peeps guarding it for me. Last check - they were into series 6 of Buffy.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Dean, the clarfication was for the people that had sent me messages on FB. I felt bad that there had been confusion about who was eligible for the eARCS. I just wanted to make it clear on the actual blog! :)

    I was just teasing about being stinky!


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