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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today, the spectacular Tiffany King has stopped by my blog to answer some crazy questions. Since our books both come out on the same day, we decided to trade questions (5 each) and post the answers on the same day!

Tiffany King is a graduate of Daytona State College, in Daytona Beach, Florida. A teacher by day and book fanatic the rest of the time, she is now pursuing her life-long dream as an author. She has a loving husband and two wonderful kids. (Four, if you count her two spoiled cats). "Books provide the ultimate getaway for me. A good story is a vehicle that takes you to another place, another time, or another world. I love reading the words and letting my imagination do the rest. I appreciate and respect every author who has the courage to put your work out there for the world to see."

1.  If your life was a movie, what would be your theme song? And who would play you in the movie?

My life is more like a T.V show heheheh. Right now, I’m smack dab in the middle of that Parenthood show. Just when we think we have a handle on things, life steps in and pulls the carpet out from under us. As for a theme song it changes daily and eeeek, I would feel bad for anyone stuck playing me J

2.  I think that our choices in cartoons affect who we are when we grow up ;) What was your favorite as a child?

 Okay don’t laugh but I loved He-Man when I was younger. Great even way back then I was obsessed with great pecks hehehehe. (Really? Not laugh at this??? I can't help it! This is too funny and a perfect example of why I love Tiffany so darn much. She's hilarious!)

3.  If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only choose one fictional character to keep you company, who would it be? (Make sure you mention what book or movie the character is from!)

First, I was going to pick Edward Cullen but figured the low animal blood supply on an island would make me a goner. Then, I was going to pick Harry Potter but I figured he might be obsessive about stopping Voldermort. I was also tempted to pick Dumbledore but felt his endless knowledge may become tiresome. So, finally I decided to pick someone from a T.V show and that’s how I reached the logical choice of McSteamy (Mark Sloan) from Grey’s Anatomy. Because ultimately who needs sparkly hungry vampires & obsessively smart wizards trying to save the world when you can have just plain HOTNESS J

4.  What is your dream vacation?

 A snowy cabin in the mountains stocked with junk food galore, plenty of hills for sledding, big oversized fireplace, big screen T.V with a wide selection of movies and tons of games to keep my entire family busy.

5.  In light of the holiday season, what is your big, selfish Christmas wish? (We all want world peace and for everyone to be well fed! Atleast, I hope we all want that!!!!)

Okay, I’m going to sound completely selfish saying this….maybe I shouldn’t….okay here goes my most selfish wish is for all three of my books to do well this holiday season ;)
1) If you had to eat the same meal for an entire month what would it be?

Ugh I know 3 days in I will regret my choice but I would have to say a burger and fries from Chili’s and okay a chocolate shake too J

2) If you had to pick your weapon of choice to deal with zombies, what would it be?

An ax for sure. They’re messier but they never run out of bullets.

3) If you had to cover a distance of 26.2 miles, would you rather run backwards, skate blindfolded, ride a tricycle or cover the distance in Fred Flintstone’s car?

Hands down Fred Flintstones car because at least it has a seat big enough for my bottom (tricycle seats are rather small).

4) What scares you most spiders, snakes, big animals or people with bad breath?

Spiders are by far my biggest fear. I would rather take on a room full of snakes, a hungry lion and a stadium packed with raunchy breath, than have a tarantula a foot from my hand.

5)  Have you ever peeked at your Christmas presents early? When and how often?

It’s easier for me to say when I haven’t peeked at my Christmas presents, which I think was around 10 years ago….wait I peeked then too ;)

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If you would like to see my answers to this question, be sure to stop by Tiffany's blog!


  1. great interview!! :)) she is so funny. *runs off to see your answers*

  2. Great questions! I would also pick McSteamy he is amazing! If the snakes lived in water I would have to pick snakes...spiders not so much...Snakes just freak me out when they are slithering through the water...UGH!

  3. Rofl too funny I woulda picked jacob black lol shhhh and we love us some chilis lol

  4. I love this interview! Had me cracking up. Especially the character on an island question. I'm all for a sexy man over a sparkly vampire. :)


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