Deltona Here I Come!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In one short week, I will be joining the Paranormal Plumes Society in Deltona, Florida for a two-day event. I'm very excited about the trip and about getting to see my lovely friends again!

On Monday, Janurary 30th, I will be joining the Plumes at Deltona High School where we will spend the school day brainwashing... er... I mean encouraging the students to reach for their dreams and answering questions about writing and publishing. That night we will be back at Deltona Highschool for an open event that anyone is allowed to attend. We will be signing books, answering questions, and in general having a lot of fun. There will be lots of cool swag (books marks, postcards, candy, and other fun odds and ends) that I and the others have put together for the people that come!

On Tuesday, Janurary 31st, the Plumes and I will be repeating the same process, but this time at the Deltona Middle school! Here we will have the opportunity to I mean enlighten the students of the importance of believing in ones self and never giving up. And again, that night there will be another open event where students and non-students can come, get a book signed, ask questions, and snag some swag.

For those that are interested in purchasing a book while at either of the events, Mortal Obligation and Mortal Defiance will be available for $10 each. (This is discounted from the cost of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I am also donating a dollar per book sold to the reading program at the schools.) And do make sure to get some of the swag that I am bringing. I will be happy to sign any of it for you to keep or give away! Of course, you might just want to keep the candy for yourself.  ;-)

If you would like to learn a little more about the authors that will be at the events, check out our website:

Now, I am off to work on Immortal Grave and then to make some important decisions. Like what the heck to wear to these events!


  1. Sounds exciting! You'll have a blast! Hope you take lots of photos!

  2. Thanks, Komal! Im really looking forward to it and promise to take tons of photos.

  3. Oh wow! You'll be schmoozing with Michelle Muto!! Another fantastic author. I hope you have THEE best time Nichole.

  4. Nichole, I have just bought a copy of Mortal Obligations, I am sure I will enjoy it.

    I work at a High School and I am sure you will enjoy hanging out with the kids, encouraging their eager minds.



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