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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have you ever wanted to sit down with an author you love and ask them questions? Sarah Ross and I recently sat down and had an awesome chat about everything from writing tips to our new books and even the crazy antics of our characters. And we’re sharing it with you!  So grab a front row seat and live vicariously for a bit!
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Sarah:  So Nichole, you have two books out now. Since I'm working on my second book, tell me: what was easier about book two versus book one? Writing? Editing? Less stress?

Nichole: I learned a lot through the editing process of book one, which helped me write a better second book. Technically, it was easier to craft sentences to convey what I intended. Less newbie fumbling.

You're working on a book that is completely different from your first. Has it been difficult to switch gears?

Sarah: I thought that it would be, but it really hasn't. I've enjoyed the change of pace and the voices of the new characters. I didn't get as burned out as some authors do because it was completely fresh. And I agree, the writing/pacing/structure is so much easier with book two.

Nichole: I think you're right. As much as I love my Dark Betrayal Series and the characters, I'm looking forward to concentrating on some of my other writing projects.

Sarah: You're working on a new series too, right? What's it about?

Nichole: I don't have a finalized blurb at the moment, but I can tell you that it is completely different from the world Ree and her friends inhabit. It's set in the beautiful Bahamas and the title is Flukes. You will have to use your imagination from there.

Sarah: Ohh, that sounds enticing! I can't wait to read it!

Nichole: What about your new project? What does it involve?

Sarah:  My second novel is Echo of an Earth Angel, and it's about a fallen angel with healing powers. I hope to have it released in April.

Nichole: Oh! Angels are very popular right now! What is it that draws you to that type of paranormal creature?

Sarah:  I think it started when I read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I hadn't read a lot of angel books before that, but it blew me away and hooked me into the whole concept and idea.

My new book is set in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Since you're in Savannah, do you think that using that as the setting helped enhance the story? Or will Flukes be harder since you're not as familiar with the location?

Nichole: I think that living in Savannah and writing a book in Savannah was a big help. I understood the way the city is laid out, the weather, and what the buildings all looked like. Plus, Savannah has a creepy past that is still noticeable today.

I've been to the Bahamas once before, so I think that it won't be as hard as writing about somewhere I've never been. Flukes needed to be set in a tropical climate and I love the laid back, comfortable vibe down there.

Sarah: I think you're right. I know for me, writing Awaken was a little harder because I not only had to create the characters, but their whole world. I felt a little like JK Rowling creating Hogwarts! LOL

Nichole: But you did it so well! At no point in your book did I feel like things didn’t flow well or make sense. You had a clear vision of where everything was and how everything worked in your book.

Sarah: Thanks! Now you're making me blush. 

Nichole: It's well deserved praise!

Sarah: I liked the freedom of creating whatever kind of world I wanted, but it was a little overwhelming at first. I think that Echo has flowed so much easier because I know the layout. Do you have personal connections to anywhere in the Dark Betrayal series?

Nichole: Well, the pub that Paden’s family owns is based on one of my favorite pubs downtown- Molly MacPhearsons. The pizza place in the first scene of Mortal Obligation is where I used to go hang out with friends in high school. I guess that a lot of little places like that sneak into the book.

Now, you aren't from Florida. So does writing Echo make you homesick?

Sarah: Not right now! It's way too cold there!

Nichole: HA! We southerners *think* we want snow, but what we really want is a few days of 2 or 3 inches and then want to get on with our lives.

Sarah: But seriously, I do miss home when I write it. Pittsburgh will always be in my heart, but I love living by the beach and can't see giving that up

Nichole: I grew up in Florida and desperately miss the beaches and coast. I think that is one of the reasons I decided to set Flukes in such a tropical location.

Sarah: I'm pretty sure there are a ton of people who will be dreaming of those warm waters and soft sand tonight. We're quite the teases!

So if you had to pick (and you do because I'm twisting your arm): who was your favorite character to write besides Ree?

Nichole: Ow, ow, ow! Anyone ever tell you that you’re mean, Sarah Ross? Sheesh. I can't pick just one. Paden and Roland are tied for very different reasons. I also really enjoy writing my villain. He's like an onion- lots of stinky layers that make you want to cry.

So, let’s turn that around on you. Who was your favorite supporting character to write?

Sarah:  For me, it's Elizabeth. It was so much fun writing what snarky, backhanded thing she'd say next

She made me laugh on numerous occasions.

Nichole: She made me laugh, too!

Sarah: I have got to find more ways to have her pop up throughout the series. She's too good (and bad) not to keep around! I think she and Roland would get along. Do you think?

Nichole: I'm actually giggling, because I can only imagine the things he would say to rile her. I wonder how long it would take before she threw a knife at him.

Sarah: Oh, I'd give it about ten seconds! She doesn't put up with much! LOL. But I'd be highly entertained by watching him try to rile her!

Nichole: You're probably right. Which he would think was hilarious. It would be fun. Maybe we will have a reason to stick them together one day.

Sarah: Oh we will definitely need to find a way to make that happen. It's too funny not to!

Nichole: Too true. Well, I have to go wake up my toddler or she will never sleep tonight. I had a lot of fun chatting with you!

Sarah: Me too! Thanks for chatting. And I’m sure I speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait for the next book in the Dark Betrayal Series!!

Sarah Ross is the author of the YA paranormal book, Awaken.  The Pittsburgh native now lives in Florida with her family and is working on her second novel, Echo of an Earth Angel (due out Spring, 2012). You can find out more about her and Awaken at her Website. Or you can follow/stalk her on Facebook or Twitter. 

Available for purchase at: Amazon, Barnes &Noble, and Smashwords for all other devices.

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  1. Great interview guys! You had me laughing on multiple occassions! :)

  2. Great interview ladies!! Nichole your new series sounds intriguing. I've loved your Dark Betrayal series so far

  3. Loved the conversation! Thanks for letting us eavesdrop!


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