Sealed with A Kiss

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thumping hearts, sweaty palms, cool lips, and my first kiss.

Okay, I could tell you about my first kiss, but the fact is that it just didn’t matter. I let someone kiss me, just to kiss me, and it was terrible. But, I can tell you about the first kiss that mattered. The one that stole my heart and sealed the deal.

Let me give you a little background first. Somewhere close to fifteen years ago, I saw my husband for the first time. My family moved from Florida to Georgia and I was walking across the parking lot of my new high school when I saw a blonde head turn and I caught the profile of someone that seemed familiar. I could tell you that weeks before I moved to Georgia, I dreamt of a blonde haired boy. I could tell you that I knew he would be the one for me.  I could tell you that he had a dog with him in the dream that I would later meet at his parent’s house.  I could tell you all of that, but you wouldn’t believe me. You would think I was making it up. I’m an author after all. I write about paranormal things, for goodness sake. I can understand why you would think I was crazy or pulling your leg. But this is the truth. And maybe, just maybe, this is where my fascination with the paranormal comes from.

So, back to my story. I saw this guy turn and my heart stopped while time seemed to slow down. There, standing in a high school parking lot in backwoods Georgia, was a guy that I had dreamed of months before even moving from Florida. It’s a hard thing to explain, but I’m going to assume that you can understand my shock and awe. I looked at one of my new friends and asked her who that was standing next to the incredibly ugly Thunderbird.

She raised her eyebrow and her mouth turned up into a small smile. “Who? Him? That’s Jonathan. Why?”

Even though my heart was beating quickly and I was questioning my own sanity, I shrugged and mumbled something about him looking familiar. I couldn’t help but look back once more and sure enough there were the same bright blue eyes, blonde hair, and adorable smile from my dream.  I wanted to know everything about him, but at the same time I didn’t feel the need to rush. Something in the pit of my stomach felt secure in knowing that we would end up together. It was more than a crush. The rest of high school passed and we had several moments where we talked, seemed drawn to each other, but neither of us hurried anything.  

Fast forward to our freshman year of college. He lived with one of my best guy friends. We saw each other often, and it was impossible to not want to spend more time with him. He invited me to a movie and we had a wonderful time. We stayed up all night talking, as if we had been saving up everything in our lives to share with each other. Despite all of that, he didn’t kiss me. In fact, he seemed a little shy when he was leaving, but gave me a small hug and said he would call. I wondered if maybe I had misread the signs. We all have our moments of doubt, crazy dreams or not. A few days passed, where we chatted on the phone, but didn’t see one another because of school and work. I took the time to make him a small cake for his birthday and took it to his house on my way to my apartment. He didn’t seem to want me to leave, but I had made up my mind that I was going to ‘make the drop’ and not linger. I was nervous, and didn’t want to seem clingy. I figured the cake was enough.  He followed me outside to my car and we started talking. Again, time seemed to disappear while we talked. It felt like we were on the same page, could finish each other’s sentences. Eventually, he had closed the space between us, and placed his hands on my hips. Our conversation slowed and there were a lot of smiles and quiet jokes.  It was quiet outside, and I swear that I could hear my heart beating. I would swear that he could hear it too. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, our heads drifted together and our lips touched.  It was like something clicked together in my head. There in another person, I had found my match. My soul mate.  I won’t go into detail, (I’m sure that my family is thankful for that) because that moment was meant for just the two of us. And it’s one that I will never forget. We’ve been together ever since, and I can’t imagine a better happily ever after for myself.

 Photo Courtesy of Denise Gonsales

Now, I want to hear about your first kiss! Was it special and magical? Was it horrifying? Awkward? C'mon! I want the juicy details!

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  1. Thanks, Autumn and Stephanie. I had to let the hubs read it before I posted it. I didn't want to embarrass him! ;)

  2. So sweet! And there was cake. Too perfect.

  3. Almost unbearably adorable! I love it.

  4. AWWWWW I so believe you dreamt about him :) Love your story Nichole, so AWESOME :)

  5. Oh Wow,how Awesomesauce n Cool Beans is this!Loved it!


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