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Monday, July 16, 2012

One of the number one questions that I am asked on a regular (and I do mean regular) basis is where I get my inspiration from or what inspires me.

Honestly, there is no single answer. Lots of things inspire me. Music is a big one. I can listen to a song and mentally direct a music video for it while driving. There are lots of songs that inspire scenes in my books. Art often inspires me. I paint. In fact, I used to paint murals. You know the feeling of looking at a piece of art and getting lost in the details? The shading, the colors, the emotion you are able to read in that piece? Yeah, that inspires me. Sounds sort of poetic, huh? But I'm also inspired by random people walking down the street, or a box wrapped with hot-pink Duct tape. And the girl chasing the flying leash of a tiny dog that got away. Or the person at the store holding a package of hotdogs and Tums. Are you seeing where I'm going with this? There is potential in every thing you run across.

This weekend, the movie Ladyhawke was playing on BBCA, and it got me thinking. This movie may very well have been my introduction to werewolves. If you've never seen the movie, you really should add it to your to-be watched list. It came out in 1985, so the effects aren't that great compared to what we're used to, but the story... oh, the story is delicious. (Not to mention, Matthew Broderick is in it and absolutely steals the show.) It's a love story with magic, adventure, and a hot guy with a big sword. (Did I just say that? You bet I did!) Anyways, back to my point, I realized that there are a lot of movies, books, TV shows, and Music that helped shape my imagination. What do I mean by that, you ask? Well, there are certain things that I am attracted to in a story. (See aforementioned list about Ladyhawke.) There are certain things that I love when watching a movie. There are things that are guaranteed to make me smile/fist pump/cry when reading a book. I think that the things that caught my attention as a child or young adult are still the things that I love nowadays. The same way that we are products of our childhood, so is our imagination. Well, my imagination anyways.

Here are some of the things that helped shape my love for fantasy and paranormal things. Oh, and my quirky sense of humor. ** Not all of these are sci/fi fantasy, but they had an effect on me as a person.

Legend (No, not I am Legend. *shiver* But the one with a really young Tom Cruise.) (If you haven't seen it, then you have homework this week. Go now and buy, steal, rent a copy A.S.A.P.)
Willow (Go forth and WATCH!)
Star Wars (Oh, I am a Star Wars fanatic. I could probably tell you most of the aliens species names. I'm a dork and proud of it.)
Star Trek (Confession time. I've been to Star Trek conventions. And I liked it. *hums Katy Perry*)
Harry and the Henderson (My daughter is in LOVE with this movie. I found a Harry doll on eBay for her B-day. Shhh.)
seaQuest (Kind of like Star Trek, but under the sea.)
Never Ending Story
Hocus Pocus (Disney)
The Three Musketeers (Disney)
The Little Mermaid (Disney)
The Parent Trap (Original and remake)
So Weird (Disney- still miss this show!)
Danger Bay (Disney. You have no idea how excited I am that I finally remembered the name of this show!)
Ocean Girl (Disney. Yeah, I'm seeing a theme here.)
Anne McCaffrey- Dragon Riders of Pern
Tamara Pierce -Lioness Rampant books (My first YA book love.)
Piers Anthony- Xanth series

There are tons more, but these are some that I actually remember shaping my imagination. Teaching me to weave stories-- inspiring imagined games.

So, what helped shape your imagination?


  1. You and I have similar tastes in movies...I've seen many of the ones you have...along with the Star Trek TV series. Other TV shows were Outer Limits (the original - which I would sneak out of bed to watch from behind a chair while my mom had it on back in the 60's - and the updated), Night Gallery (the original and I think there was an updated series), etc. As I got older, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul, and V.C. Andrews drew me into more of the horror/fantasy genre.

    BUT, my mom says I was BORN with an active imagination, making up stories at the age of 5 that were totally unreal, yet believable. I just have never been able to pull anything together to WRITE about them. Thus my love for authors who CAN write amazing stories!

    1. Completely agree, Heidi! I think my daughter inherited my imagination, which thrills me to no end! :)

  2. Ohh Emm Gee!!! You love LadyHawke - I LOVE LADYHAWKE - except for that major suck fest that was the soundtrack, the movie itself I regard as nigh on flawless. I have petitioned Richard Donner in writing to do a re-release and rescore the soundtrack a'la James Horner or perhaps James Newton Howard, even get Vangelis out of retirement and give that movie the grandiose score it bloody well deserves. It is simply not fair to sit down with the gorgeous Blu Ray that I own and suffer through that toilet of a soundtrack.

    Rant over...

    Lately, I have endeavored to become much more of an observationalist and I really like to seek out experiences that will touch off the creative spark in me. I was having breakfast just the other day at a lovely little cafe around the corner from my house and it served up the most wonderfully earthy bacon and eggs breakfast with fresh baked toasted bread and spinach that was just to die for. After I got home, I wrote about it in my journal. Just a few lines, but I can totally see myself using those lines in some future project.

    The minutiae of life is just so damned interesting.

    1. Dean, of COURSE I love Ladyhawke and completely agree with you about the soundtrack. They really dropped the ball there. Especially when you compare it to some of the other soundtracks to movies on my list! ;)

      Does this mean you forgive me for watching (and enjoying *gasp*)Crocodile Dundee?

      Also, your description of your breakfast made my mouth water! Sounds delicious!

    2. Awww - Look, you know I could never hold a Paul Hogan grudge forever. And besides, I caught the "Flipper" remake recently and I have to say, he almost redeems himself in that.

      Now - if you say that you could add "The Last Starfighter" to your roll call of classic 80's sci-fi, I will go the girlie squeal right here.

  3. Oh oh!! Dean...jumping up and down here - I loved The Last Starfighter... my kids enjoyed it during the '80's and so did I! :o) How about Labyrinth with David Bowie?

    1. YEASSS! That was like, the moment when Henson went beyond cool and became uber-cool. Bowie and Henson together - 80's A-list gold!


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