Flukes Teaser

Monday, September 17, 2012

So, while Immortal Grave is with my editor, I'm busy working on Flukes. And boy, oh boy. This book is something else.

I wanted to share a little teaser for you guys. Let you see a little more of Blake and Meena. :)

(This is unedited, so it might change a little.)

It felt like forever before I heard the splashing that announced she was back. I sat forward and smiled when I heard her make a shocked choking sound. I picked up her shorts and held them up for her to see.

“You forgot a towel!” I didn’t get up. I wanted to watch her walk out of the water.

 She sputtered some and thrashed around a bit more. I stood up, worried that she had managed to get attacked by a shark in three feet of water.

 “Are you okay?” I started to walk down the beach. I didn’t want to be the asshole that sat under a palm tree while some girl was eaten alive in front of him.

 “Stay where you are! I’m fine!” Meena’s voice was sharp and breathless.

 “What’s wrong?” I froze in place, still worried she might need help.

 “Nothing. I have to put my bottoms back on.”

 My brain fritzed for a minute, before my mouth tugged up in a grin. “Need some help?”

“No!” She pushed the wet hair out of her eyes and glared at me.

“Were you skinny dipping? It’s a lot more fun when you have someone else with you.” Please ask me to go, please.

“Yeah, I bet you’d know.” Her voice drifted to my ears and made my smile grow even more.

“What was that?” I pretended like I didn't hear her and took a couple of steps forward. “You want me to come help?”

 “Nothing! No! I don’t need any help, thank you very much.” She stood up in the water, and I felt my blood pressure rise. “I was not skinny dipping. I just had sand in my bathing suit.”

 She stomped angrily up the beach, before coming to stand in front of me. Her teal eyes glowed in the moonlight as she glared holes in my chest. She yanked her shorts out of my hand and pulled them up over her long legs. When she stood back up, she pushed the wet hair out of her face, but didn’t move away. My left hand tingled and I fought the urge to pull her against my chest.

(Photo taken by me!)


  1. I love the chemistry so far! Can't wait to read it! Is there any paranormal aspect to this one or is it a straight, realistic romance? (somehow, that's not the phrasing I wanted to use, but I think my question makes sense, lol)

  2. Great teaser! Can't wait to read the rest. = )

  3. Hi Jenn! There is a paranormal aspect to this story. :)

  4. Ooo - this sounds very cool Nichole. And again, I'm tingling at your visual style that is so accessible. I'm in for this one.

  5. Nichole this is gonna be fantastic...I just know it!! :))

  6. I started out looking forward to Flukes, but now that I have stalked, I mean was nosey........darn it, I mean checked you out ;) I am really getting excited for this!! I am not embarrased at all to say i believe in Mermaids!


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