The 2012 Decatur Book Festival

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This past weekend I went to the Decatur Book Festival, where I shared a booth with several talented authors. It was a blast. A really, hot, sweaty bunch of fun.

Friday night, I attended an Indie author event arranged by Vania Stoyanova. I met some wonderful readers, authors, had a great time! Although, I think you will be able to tell from the pictures!

Adam Kunz and Amy Jones (I really love this picture.) 

The fabulous (and extremely sweet) Ella James and hilarious Heather from Supa Gurl Books. (I love her purple hair!) 

Sarah Ross and Ash from Smash Attack Reads. 

S.J. Wellis, Laura Elliot, and JL Bryan (who managed to escape being covered in cream puff crumbs, even though I accidentally flung one at him. Yeah, I'm that clumsy. Or so hungry I was trying to eat my food like a crazed gremlin.)

Saturday was the first day of the festival. It was a bright and early morning for all of us! We were supposed to have two booths for the six authors, but there was a mistake and we only had one booth. O.O Thankfully, we all love each other a great deal (and wore lots of deodorant).

Our home for the weekend.

We really did have a great time and I love these ladies even more than before! (If that's possible.) Liz Reinhardt is quick to make you laugh. Sarah Ross can sell anyones books! (She's really talented!) Colleen Hoover is always so calm and laid back, but her jokes will make you pee your pants. Rebecca Donovan is gorgeous, no matter what angle you look at her from! Abbi Glines is like a drug dealer to book addicts. Her adorable Alabama twang and happy personality made the heat easier to bear. And did I mention all of the fun we had? 

I also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful readers and ran into some friends that I hadn't seen in ages! 

This lovely lady graduated with my younger sister. I was so excited when she peeked into the booth, I think I jumped up and down!

This adorable reader made my whole trip worthwhile! I was thrilled to meet her! Thrilled. 

The Decatur Book Festival was a lot of fun. I loved getting to hang out with my friends, make new friends, and meet some lovely readers and bloggers. Decatur is a lovely little town and they welcomed the Book Festival with open arms. Thanks to everyone that made my trip so wonderful!

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  1. I miss you all already!!! When can we do this again (minus the heat??)


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