Monday, October 8, 2012

Well, it's October 8th and Flukes is live on Amazon and Smashwords!

I'm still waiting on Barnes and Noble. I'm sorry guys. I uploaded there before I uploaded to Amazon and have no idea why it's not live yet. Rest assured it I am emailing them at annoying rate.   Until then, you can purchase an epub file from Smashwords for your Nook. Here are some quick instructions on how to upload the file to your Nook:

1) Go to the Smashwords page and purchase a copy.
2) Download the ePub file.
3) Plug your Nook into your computer.
4) Drag the ePub file to document file. Voila!
5) Unplug your Nook, turn it on and go to your books. In the older model Nooks, you need to open your Document folder and your book will there, ready to read. If you have a newer Nook (like my glowlite) then it will already be in your book library.

Smashwords does have a great guide on how to upload the book, so if my directions don't make sense, then check out their page!

There is a lot of fun stuff going on today for the Flukes release!

-Today, there will be a party on Facebook to celebrate the release! (Pictures, music, games, and prizes!) Come join us from 5pm to 9pm EST. Be sure to check back on my blog this week too! I'm going to have a couple of contests soon and you won't want to miss out!

-Here is an interview that I did with the lovely, Dean Mayes. Check it out for a little behind the scenes info on Flukes!

Thank you to everyone that has helped spread the word about Flukes. I can't tell you how much it means to me. Blake and Meena are very special to me! 

I've had several people ask about another book in the Flukes world and while I don't have a title yet, I can tell you that Flukes will be a series with each book revolving around a different couple. Next up is Jacen. ;)

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  1. REALLY?! I'm so happy there is going to be more! When do you plan on having the next book (about Jacen!) released?


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