Review: Gifts of the Peramangk by Dean Mayes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For those of you that follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I make it a policy to not review books. I will post about books that I love, or authors that I love, but I don't actually post my 'review' of the books.  Why? Because there is a lot of grey area when you become an author. However, I'm breaking my self imposed rule to review this book. Why? Because it was that DAMN good.

Gifts of the Peramangk is not like most books that I read. I tend to like light-hearted stories with romance. If you add a hint of paranormal, then I'm hooked. Gifts is not that type of story, yet I was hooked. And I do mean hooked. Mayes posted a snippet of the book on his blog months ago. His words are more like a spell that a passage in a book. When you read them, you are there smelling the same flowers, feeling the same sunshine, listening to the same breeze in the trees. To say Mayes is talented is an understatement.

I don't like reviews that give too much away about the plot, so if you're looking for something that outlines everything in the book, you will be disappointed. Instead, let me tell you why this book hooked me. Mayes dives into a very real, and heartbreaking situation. He plunges head first into the murky waters of racism- that past and the present- and rolls around in it, letting us experience it alongside his characters. We see how the sins of the past have helped shape the present, creating an abyss for those that are descendant of the Aborigines. But in that terrible place of pain and suffering, struggle and hardship, is the story of humanity. Kindness can blossom in the strangest places. Strength can be found when most needed. And clarity can come in many guises.

In the dark, painful past, a little girl finds her love of music. Amidst slavery and horrible abuse, she finds a friend that encourages her passion and skills-- someone that has a heart of gold. In the future, you see that gift passed down through bloodlines, the struggle to have it nurtured, understood by those around her. As those around little Ruby Delfoy, struggle to pull themselves out of the sink-hole that is their lives. In one little girl and her gift, they find salvation of different sorts. Relief, peace, understanding, strength, leadership. All of that can blossom in the darkest garden. THAT is the story that Mayes shares with us.

Be prepared to cry, smile, and laugh. I loved the look into the history of Australia and the Aborigines. There is a wide supporting cast, each present for a reason, just like in life. They all have their own voice, their own reasonings and the story is woven together beautifully. If you enjoy stories about life, down and dirty, REAL life, then this is the book for you.  Buy your copy, read it, and leave a review. The story will leave you thinking-- the ultimate sign of a good book. (In my opinion, of course.)

Thank you, Dean, for sharing this story with all of us.

(Without going on a rant, let me just say that the situation could very well be applied to the United States-- the story set here, and still feel real and truthful.)

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  1. Nichole,

    I want to say how priveleged I feel that you broke your own rule on reviews and took the time to talk so eloquently about he novel.

    Not only do I value your words as a fellow author but also as a total Nichole Chase Fanboy - so I'm kinda geeking out right now.

    The journey to this new novel has been a long one and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and reveal that it almost didn't happen. Earlier this year, I suffered a preety severe nervous breakdown and for several months I just couldn't touch the manuscript. It was only because I became so desperate to be well again that I was able to get it finished and that you connected with the story really makes me feel that it was worth it.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Nichole.


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