Flukes Series: New Cover

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well, my secret is out of the bag. FLUKES has a new cover! It's gorgeous and I absolutely love it.

Sarah from Okay Creations has outdone herself!

While I loved the original cover for Flukes, when it came time to think about covers for other books in the series, it just didn't work. And trust me, I think you're all going to love the cover for Riptide! Jacen's book is my next project and I can't wait to dive in to that story. (Did you see what I did there? Dive in?)

For those of you coming to see me in Woodstock, Ga., I will have the new cover available for signing!

For the Corn Family: Signed Book Auction

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


On the night of February 10, Matthew Corn left his house for a short motorcycle ride. That was the last time his wife and three children saw him alive. On the morning of February 11, Matt’s body was found a quarter mile from home by friends of the family. That day knocked the breath out of the community, broke the hearts of his friends, and wounded the souls of his family.


Matt was not just a name to me; he was my husbands close friend, my friend. My husband is the god father to Matt’s daughter—who is only a year old. Matt has played with my daughter, chased her around my living room, and admired her toys with her.  I knew him as someone that would drop everything to help someone and as a father that would do anything for his family. That dark Monday, the sky poured water over the grieving family, as if to weep along with them. It was such a painful, shocking thing to happen, and for most it seemed utterly unbelievable.


As I watched the family try to digest this horrible reality, I was struck by the need to do something, anything to help. The road ahead of them is going to be difficult and I wanted to help smooth it out. After talking with some of my friends, the idea of raising money was brought up. But how? After brainstorming, we decided to do an auction of signed books.
It is often in the darkest moments that people shine and I have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of my friends that have offered to help with this auction.
 Over 30 authors have donated signed books and/or audio books. New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, some of the most popular authors of today.


EL James
Tracey Garvis-Graves

Tina Reber
Colleen Hoover
Liz Reinhardt
Samantha Young
Michelle Leighton
Georgia Cates
KA Tucker
Sarah Ross
Tiffany King
Jessica Park
Angie Stanton
Steph Campbell
Elizabeth Hunter
Heather Hildenbrand
Addison Moore
Fisher Amelie
Shelly Crane
Stephanie Nelson
Courtney Cole
Lila Felix
Teresa Mummert
Kendall Grey
Shannon Delany
Rebecca Donovan
Michele Scott
Tammara Webber
Jamie McGuire
Abbi Glines
Elizabeth Reyes
Nichole Chase
Jillian Dodd
Dina Silver


The auction will run online from February 22 until March 15.
If you would like to browse the selections ahead of time, check out the website:
 (Everything will be finalized and ready by Friday morning.)
If you would like to donate without going through the auction process, here is the paypal button for the Corn Family Fund.




Happy Valentines Day! my present to you? A teaser from Suddenly Royal.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentines day! Whether you're celebrating with someone else, friends, or by your self in your underwear while eating ice cream (I'm looking at you, Hootie.) I hope it's great.

I wanted to give my readers a little somethin', somethin', and I thought you guys might like a quick peek at Naughty Alex. He may be a prince, but he's still a man. ;)

From Suddenly Royal
By Nichole Chase

“I promised I wouldn’t throw you to the wolves.” He leaned his head closer to mine and I took a deep breath, enjoying his sent. “As the crown prince, it’s my job to help you understand your duties. Eventually, I’ll be the one you’re reporting things to, so it only makes sense.”
            “I see.” I lowered my voice so no one could hear me. “Alex, I’m a wildlife biologist. I’m in way over my head.”
            “You’re a smart woman who will rise to the occasion.” His eyes dipped down to my lips and I fought the urge to lick them.
            “I’m sorry about yesterday.”
            “You were right.” He frowned. “I should know better. I’ll be good if you are.” His eyes glinted with the dare. “Just know if you feel like changing your mind, I’m right here.”
            “I’ll remember that.” I couldn’t help smiling at the challenge in his eyes. “Does this mean we can be friends for now? I have a feeling that I could use someone on my side.”
            “I don’t think it will work, but I’ll try for you.” His eyes ran over my body and I shook my head.
            “Friends don’t ogle friends.”
            “I said I’d try. I didn’t promise anything.” Sitting back in his seat, he chuckled. “I have a feeling our friendship will have a shelf life.”
            “A shelf life?”
            “You’ll either end up hating me or in my bed.”

Oh, that Alex. He's something else. ;) Can't wait to share Suddenly Royal with all of you!


Suddenly Royal Teaser and more Events!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Today I'm sharing a quick picture and quote from Suddenly Royal. BUT if you want an exclusive excerpt, check out The Autumn Review. It happens to be one of my favorite scenes from the book and I'm excited to share it with Autumn and everyone else!

Here's another steamy moment with Prince Alex and Samantha. :)

Now go read the excerpt on The Autumn Review! Then come back here and find out what I've got planned in the next few months.
... did you go read it yet?
... What are you waiting for?!?
... go read it! And leave Autumn some comment love!
... read it?
... Eeep!
... I 'eep' when I'm excited. (At least in my head and in blog posts!)
... Are you ready to see more of Alex????
... Good! Because you don't have long to wait. ;)
I'm *hopeful* that Suddenly Royal will be out in March. WOOHOO! I'll let you know a firm date in a few weeks!
Now for the rest of this post!

You might have noticed that there is a new tab at the top of the blog for events that I will be attending. This year has gotten crazy busy, but I'm so excited to be able to go to some of these things. Not only do I get to hang out with some amazing bloggers and authors, but I LOVE getting to meet readers. These events are usually so much fun.

You guys know about the event in Orlando on June 29th. The Book Bash is going to be HUGE! Massive, I tell you! With tons of amazing authors... and little ol' me!

Now, I get to tell you about another event! On March 10th, I will be in Woodstock, Georgia for a signing at the Copper Coin Coffee House from 1-4 pm. It's actually a two day event, with authors that write adult novels on March 9th and several Young Adult and New Adult authors (ME!) on Sunday! For more information, check out Into the Night Book Reviews.

You guys, there are some amazing authors attending this event. On March 9th, you can meet:

Katie Ashley
Michelle Leighton
JB McGee
Jenn Foor
AC Marchman

On March 10th, you can meet:

Sarah Ross
Ella James
Michelle Muto
SR Johannes
and ME! :)

If you're on Facebook, you can keep up with event information here. Let me know if you're coming! I look forward to meeting everyone. (And to seeing some old friends!)
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