Flukes Series: New Cover

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well, my secret is out of the bag. FLUKES has a new cover! It's gorgeous and I absolutely love it.

Sarah from Okay Creations has outdone herself!

While I loved the original cover for Flukes, when it came time to think about covers for other books in the series, it just didn't work. And trust me, I think you're all going to love the cover for Riptide! Jacen's book is my next project and I can't wait to dive in to that story. (Did you see what I did there? Dive in?)

For those of you coming to see me in Woodstock, Ga., I will have the new cover available for signing!


  1. eeeep!! I love it. I loved the old one but this one is great too!!

  2. I love this one just as much as the original! :)

  3. Nichole, that's totally lovely! I'll add that to my postings for Saturday Spotlight (new feature I started last week where I post blogging news I find interesting.) I love those shades of blue and purple. It has a very good balance between being real and 'magical', and yet has a very clean elegant look to it. Congrats! :)


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