Happy Valentines Day! my present to you? A teaser from Suddenly Royal.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I hope you are all having a lovely Valentines day! Whether you're celebrating with someone else, friends, or by your self in your underwear while eating ice cream (I'm looking at you, Hootie.) I hope it's great.

I wanted to give my readers a little somethin', somethin', and I thought you guys might like a quick peek at Naughty Alex. He may be a prince, but he's still a man. ;)

From Suddenly Royal
By Nichole Chase

“I promised I wouldn’t throw you to the wolves.” He leaned his head closer to mine and I took a deep breath, enjoying his sent. “As the crown prince, it’s my job to help you understand your duties. Eventually, I’ll be the one you’re reporting things to, so it only makes sense.”
            “I see.” I lowered my voice so no one could hear me. “Alex, I’m a wildlife biologist. I’m in way over my head.”
            “You’re a smart woman who will rise to the occasion.” His eyes dipped down to my lips and I fought the urge to lick them.
            “I’m sorry about yesterday.”
            “You were right.” He frowned. “I should know better. I’ll be good if you are.” His eyes glinted with the dare. “Just know if you feel like changing your mind, I’m right here.”
            “I’ll remember that.” I couldn’t help smiling at the challenge in his eyes. “Does this mean we can be friends for now? I have a feeling that I could use someone on my side.”
            “I don’t think it will work, but I’ll try for you.” His eyes ran over my body and I shook my head.
            “Friends don’t ogle friends.”
            “I said I’d try. I didn’t promise anything.” Sitting back in his seat, he chuckled. “I have a feeling our friendship will have a shelf life.”
            “A shelf life?”
            “You’ll either end up hating me or in my bed.”

Oh, that Alex. He's something else. ;) Can't wait to share Suddenly Royal with all of you!



  1. Oooh hot!! I am loving Alex!!! Thanks for the shout out! :)

  2. I love this teaser! I am liking Alex more every teaser! Happy Valentine's day babe-alicious!

  3. Nichole. You KNOW you need me to read this right now! :D


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