On Christmas Hill... in March? And my next book!

Friday, March 29, 2013

It was brought to my attention that my short story, On Christmas Hill was nominated for an award with the Indie Romance Convention. I'm very excited about this and decided to go ahead and release the new cover for the short story. It matches the series covers (yes, I said series and covers!) that I have planned for Christmas releases.

SO! To celebrate the nomination, I'm going to release the new cover now. In March! Lol.

The new cover will be available in paperback and I will try to have a few with me at all signings.
Voting starts on April 1st and I'd really appreciate it if you guys would take a minute to pop over there and vote for me and my title.
I made these covers myself and a teensy bit proud. ;) I can't wait to show you the next cover for...
Down in Silvertown
I hope to have the next installment out next winter.
Speaking of new books, I have a new title that I'm working on. This will actually come out this summer before Riptide (please don't kill me!) and I'm VERY excited about it.
So, the next book you can look for after Suddenly Royal is...
The Accidental Assassin
TAA will be an adult contemporary romance and I am SO FREAKING IN LOVE with the characters. I'll have a blurb and cover sometime in the near future. I can't wait to share it with you. You guys? Ava is hilarious and Owen? Oh, Owen, is hot and damaged and dangerous and hot. Did I mention hot? Because he is. I also have a theme song for him. Wanna hear it? You have to listen to the lyrics, because it fits him PERFECTLY.

Also? I'm in love with Imagine Dragons. If you haven't listened to them--do it NOW! 

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