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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today, I hit a milestone. Suddenly Royal slid into the top 100 books on Amazon. The top 100 out of hundreds of thousands of books. That's pretty damn amazing, no matter who you are. I'm utterly floored, shocked, and grateful. My book couldn't have gotten there without the support of my readers and friends. Thank you all so much!!!

To celebrate my big moment, I'm releasing a scene from Prince Yummys point of view. It's one of my favorite scenes from the book, so I hope you enjoy it.

This scene contains spoilers if you haven't read the book yet. So, read at your own caution. Also, please remember that this scene is a rough draft that hasn't been edited. It was written purely for my needs as an author, but I'm sharing it with you guys for fun.
I hope you enjoy!

            “We don’t have much longer if you want to go ahead and change.” I jerked my head toward the back of the plane.

            Her eyes darted toward the curtain and I could see her readying herself as if going to battle instead of changing clothes. I didn’t know whether to laugh or wrap her up and protect her from she was obviously worried about. She disappeared behind the dark fabric and I gathered my own things. I shucked my jacket before going to the bathroom and changing the rest of my clothing. Used to the routine, I was ready quickly, and out looking for my bowtie when the pilots hit a bit of turbulence. There was a loud thump from behind the curtain and I jerked around to see if Samantha needed help. I was just in time to catch a glimpse of lacey black underwear. That’s all it took. I was hard at just the sight of her sweet ass peeking out of the curtain.

“Holy crap!” Her voice filled the cabin.

My feet moved of their own accord, inching me closer to the entry before I realized I was even moving. I ground my teeth and took a deep breath to try to reign in my hormones. She thought she wanted to be friends, even though I knew differently, but I was trying to respect her wishes. It was hard. I snorted. Definitely hard. Trying to not draw attention to myself, I wiggled one leg to try and hide my excitement.

“Samantha?” I asked. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! What are you paying these pilots?” Her voice made my lips turn up. A few of the people chuckled. Turning my back to the others, I pretended to fix my belt, but really adjusted myself. No reason to broadcast what I was thinking.

            “Sarah?” Samantha’s voice carried through the airplane easily, as did her frustration.

            “I’ve got it.” I saw Sarah start to say something, but Aunt Rose placed a hand on her assistants arm. Leave it to my aunt to play matchmaker. I made a mental note to send her flowers tomorrow.

            I ducked through the curtain and felt like I’d tripped over something. My heart fell into my stomach and I could have sworn the plane had dropped several feet. She was staring at me with large brown eyes while clutching a satin black dress to her chest. It took me a minute to find my voice.

            “Zipper?” The word came out husky. How my brain had fixed on that one little word, I didn’t know. I had meant to tell her to drop the dress.

            “Um, yeah.” Her small hand fisted in the material she clutched, but she turned around so I could see the problem.

            And there was definitely a problem.


            Zipping that dress was the last thing I wanted to do. In fact, if I could, I’d rip it the rest of the way off so I could take her right there in the plane. The dress hung open in the back, exposing her bare skin, barely covered by the delicate material of her lingerie.

            Taking a deep breath I moved forward and picked up the little metal clasp. How my willpower managed to overcome my carnal desire, I’ll never know, but I slowly pulled the zipper up her back. I stepped closer once I neared the top and leaned down. I should have kept my distance, but I couldn’t help testing the boundaries. Testing her resolve.

            “Lift your hair.”

            Goosebumps erupted along her neck and I wanted to kiss the tender skin. Instead, I hooked the tiny button at the top before sliding my hands around her waist and working her belt. She leaned back into me, the heat of her body enhancing my need. Once I was finished she turned in my arms to face me. Her eyes ran over me hungrily and I could tell she liked what she saw.

            Gone was the playful, teasing, Samantha. Hot desire pooled in her warm eyes and I had to remind myself that there were others on this plane--that she wanted to be friends. I tilted my head so I could see her better, taking in the way the dress hugged her gentle curves and enhanced her perfect bust. Being friends didn't mean I couldn't enjoy the view.

            “You look gorgeous.” I sounded like a love struck fool, but I didn’t care. Maybe I was one.

            “Thank you.” Her voice had taken on the husky edge I’d first heard after our kiss.

            “This is going to be difficult.” I ran my eyes over her again. “Very difficult.”

            “All good things are worth the work.” The way she chewed on her bottom lip told me she had understood exactly what I had meant. And thinking of her teeth on her lips made me want to remind her why being friends would never be enough. I needed Samantha. It was more than a want. It was a deep, essential need. But I could be patient. If she needed time, I’d give it to her. Not that I was going to make it easy.

My inspiration of Prince Yummy--er, I mean Prince Alex.



  1. I can't read Alex's POV yet since I've not yet read Suddenly Royal, but I have to tell you that I adore its cover and can't wait to read and review it. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks for a glimpse of Alex's POV. Loving Prince Yummy;)!

  3. Finished the book in 5 hours. It was amazing. Cant wait to see what happens next.

  4. Love it! Congratulations -- so happy for you and your success with Suddenly Royal. Well deserved!!! :-)

  5. Thank you! Love it and the book - it was amazing! Feel free to write more scenes from Alex's POV. :)

  6. Just finished reading the book! And was so happy to find this prince yummy's POV and am so happy to see chris hemsworth picture there he was in my mind althrough my reading.. Loved this booked!


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