A Royal Thank You!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The last two weeks have been some of the most emotional I've experienced. On Sunday, I made it into the top 100 books on Amazon.  Then... I made it into the top 50, top 30... and I promised that if Suddenly Royal made it into the top 20 I would have a surprise for everyone. Barnes and Noble quickly followed-- eventually hitting as high as #12!

And guess what? This morning I woke up to find out that Suddenly Royal was #20 on Amazons best seller lists! And now at 18! (Excuse me while I scream incoherently for a moment!) So, for all of those that have been asking, I have a definite answer for you. Surprise, or maybe not so much as a surprise, but a confirmation... I plan on writing another book in the Suddenly Royal series.

I'm not ready to release the blurb, but I can tell you that this book is Cathy's book. Sam and Alex will definitely be in it, as will several other... familiar... faces. ;) I have a good bit of this book plotted out and I can't wait for you guys to get inside of Cathy's head! I know many of you will want to know when this book is going to come out and I can't tell you yet because I don't know. (I can tell you that I'm currently working on The Accidental Assassin and that I really think you're going to enjoy this one!)

I know you guys might be tired of hearing me say this, but I am so very thankful to everyone that has helped spread the word about Suddenly Royal and my other books. Massive hugs for everyone! <3 p=""> 


  1. * RUNS AROUND FLAILING ARMS WILDLY * this is amazing news...well 2 great amazing news. Congrats lady!!! and YAY for us readers!!!

  2. This is Great news...so happy for you

  3. I just read this while sitting at my desk and scared the heck out of my 2 co-workers sitting next to me when I screeched- good thing one of them is a fellow reader I have raving about this book to so she gets it! Congrats Nichole and thank you!

  4. YESYESYESYESYES!!!! I love Cathy!

    and a super huge CONGRATS for your success! it's so very well deserved!


  5. Great to hear, Nichole. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations to you and congratulations to us..we get another book!!!

  7. I am Royally excited!!!! Sorry, I know that was little lame. But WOW, this is great news. I can't wait!!!

  8. Wooooo!!! I cannot wait! I was hoping we'd get one from Cathy next!!! And I'm super happy we'll see more of Sam and Alex too. :D A big congrats to you Nichole! You deserve it!!


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