Minneapolis FUN!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Minnesota for the very first time. After a very early flight, I checked into my hotel, and headed out into town for a quick lunch and look-around.

Let me tell you something about Minneapolis. The weather can change in 2.3 seconds. When I left home, the weather channel said it would be a bit rainy and in the 80's. It was a bit rainy, but closer to 70. Still livable, right? Well, as I beebooped along the sidewalks to find some food, the weather dropped another ten degrees. I kid you not. In the time it took to walk two blocks, I was shivering and in need of an umbrella. It didn't stop me from enjoying the city though!

What really surprised me, was how NICE everyone was! Coming from the South, we have a reputation for being hospitable, but that's not always true. However, the people in Minneapolis? Wow! You guys sure know how to make someone feel welcome! Everyone smiled and was friendly. Not once did I feel like I was being hurried along. It was truly a great experience. (Even if everyone didn't sound like they were from the movie FARGO.)

That night I went out with a bunch of awesome people for dinner (Barrio) and drinks (The W Hotel). I may have also joined Abbi Glines and Colleen Hoover in photo-bombing some pictures at the hotel bar. Good times!

The next day was made of awesome! I met so many amazing people.

The Authors! (From L to R: Molly McAdams, Rebecca Donovan, Willow Aster, Tarryn Fisher, Abbi Glines, Steph Campbell, Colleen Hooover, Me, KA Robinson, Angie Stanton, Cora Carmack, Jillian Dodd, Jessica Sorensen)

The Authors and Volunteers! (Look at Cora striking a sexy pose!)

My table with a giant Sam in the background!

After the signing, I hung out with everyone and then headed into town for dinner. Thankfully, this time it wasn't raining or cold! Instead, it was perfect! We ate this great restaurant named Zelo's. (Try the huckleberry sorbet if you ever go. It was delish!)

The best part of my trip was hanging out with so many awesome people! I miss them when I don't get to see them often!

Me and Abbi!
Me and Angie! (I'm not that short... I was just sitting in a different type chair. Honest.)
P.S. If you enjoyed Suddenly Royal and are looking for another royal book, you should follow Angie. She has an amazing book titled Royally Lost coming from Harper Collins!
K.A. Robinson is an absolute sweetie--and a baby! She's so young! Forgive me if I don't tell you just how much older than her I am. Needless to say, she was carded when we went out and for good reason!

My great friend (and pretend assistant for the weekend) Laurie--owner of Got You Covered! (If you're an author, check out her site, follow her on FB and Twitter! She has some great designs and even more coming.)

Benefits of having a creative friend that can bake? These awesome cookies to celebrate hitting the NY Times!!! They're too pretty to eat.

Another perk of having a creative friend that is an art teacher? She dragged me to the Sculpture garden to see a giant spoon. No really, I enjoyed it! (I did go to college for Art History after all.) And the spoon is ginormous! What was weird was all of the prom bound kids. There were hundreds wandering around downtown and taking their pictures at the garden. It was a great place for photos!

I wish I had taken more pictures. I had so much fun on this short trip. A huge thanks to Rebecca Donovan and Emily Lalone for setting everything up!

I'm going to leave you with one more picture just so you can understand how silly we authors truly are...



  1. sounds like it was a great time. and love all the pics! Cora is a little sassy huh? lol

  2. you're too super cute. i can't stand it. ;)

    this looks like so so much fun!! I love Colleen getting all grabby hands in the last shot LOL

    I hope you make it out to Los Angeles one of these days!

    (we're probably NOT as hospitable as Minneapolis, but don't hold that against us! We have wonderful sunny weather!)


  3. Oh, Colleen and boobs...lol. And Cora was a theater major so I'm not at all surprised by the glamour pose

  4. So glad you had a fun time, it was so great to meet you! Minneapolis is an awesome place to live besides the weather, it has been especially crazy this year!


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