Please don't stone me...

Monday, July 15, 2013

So, you know how I've had some amazing life changing curveballs thrown my way recently? Well, everything has been so downright amazing, I knew, just knew, that there had to be a down side eventually. Thankfully, it's really not that bad.


It's not that bad...

Just a little... delay.

*edges toward safety*

Due to circumstances out of my control, I've had to push the release for The Accidental Assassin back a little bit.

*ducks flying rocks*

I'm sorry!

*peeks out*

I swear I tried everything to get it out in August, it just can't happen.

*ducks again and waves white flag*

It's not long. Really.

*peeks out again*

Okay? October 1st. That's not too long, right?


Just don't hit me with any pointy rocks. I need to be able to see the keyboard. And the computer screen. And the stove, because a girl has to eat.

In all seriousness, I'm really sorry guys. There's just no way around it, and as it is, I may not sleep for a few months. I want you guys to have the books as quickly--but is as perfect shape--as possible.

In the GOOD NEWS department, I will be announcing the release date and blurb for the next Royal book very soon. (Maybe I should have lead with the good news?)

Also, the new paperback of Suddenly Royal with bonus scenes will be in stores November 26th! EEK! I honestly have a hard time imagining it. So, if you see my unconscious form on the floor of a bookstore, please find smelling salts. I will have likely passed out from pure excitement.



  1. I'm sure the book will be perfect and worth the delay. It's already on my TBR list so *rolls rock around in my hand* I'll try to be patient ;) lol

    1. Is it a nice, smooth rock? Like a skipping stone, Wenona? Maybe that wouldn't be so bad! ;)

  2. It's a tough decision to have to make but it ensures that you'll be be to give it the attention it deserves and the resulting will be true Nichole Chase awesome.

    I for one can (barely) live with it.

    1. <3 Just not enough minutes in the day! Too many things that have to happen and some had to take priority. *sigh* But thank you for your understanding. I dreaded telling everyone.

  3. first of all....BONUS SCENES FOR SUDDENLY ROYAL??!?!?

    and second, the only thing i'm throwing at you are hugs. =) i want to read the book that you want us to read...i will wait not so patiently for October. ;) <3

  4. Had my rocks ready to fling until u mentioned the next Suddenly Royal book. So u r safe...for now.

  5. It's a tough thing to delay a release, but everyone understands a little delay is soooo much better than a rushed project. Your post had me giggling! :D

  6. Ugh your killing me. I was almost finished with my Nichole Chase marathon of book reading to prepare for the Accidental Assassins. Guess I will just have to reread them all again at the end of September. I would rather the book be perfect and awesome but late then be disappointed because your rushed.

    Can't wait for the book and BONUS Scenes. Is it sad that I look forward to that more than the book sometimes.


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