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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You know how I mentioned that I've been pretty busy lately? Well, I'm about to get even busier.

And I'm excited about it!!!

I'm incredibly flattered to announce that I've been asked to work with The Romance Academy on a class about crafting dialogue. From September 30th to October 25th I will be hosting a four week class on dialogue.

Here is a little more about the class:
Week 1 - Listen up!
We’ll get started by identifying what makes great dialogue: the pace? Honesty? Snappy banter? All of the above? Learn how to break down speech, write realistic conversations, and avoid the dreaded info-dump so you show—not tell—your readers what’s going on.
Week 2 - Dialect, slang, and nick-names
Half the fun of language is when we mix it up a little. Learn how playing with the rules can craft distinct character voices, and what people’s choice of words says about them. Identify your character’s dialog tics, how they can add authenticity to your work.
Week 3 - In one ear...
Communication is the foundation of all good relationships… and that’s why things get so messy when it fails! You’ll learn about different communication styles, and how you can craft dramatic, compelling conversations for your characters.
Week 4 - Now shh!
Great dialogue is as much about what isn’t said, so you’ll finish up by learning about non-verbal communication, and how your characters can reveal themselves through silence, body language—and lies!

There are several great classes full of information taught by bestselling authors! Emily Snow, Melody Grace, Monica Murphy, and Cheryl McIntyre are all teaching classes. Classes on crafting characters, spicing up your sex scenes, exploring New Adult, and a Bestseller Bootcamp! There will also be marketing classes taught by the amazing KP Simmon of InkslingerPR that will offer invaluable information for authors and aspiring authors.

If you're interested in the classes, you can get an early sign up discount! So, check it out! I'm really looking forward to working with everyone and spending time with writers. This will be a great opportunity to meet others in the field that are on the same path.


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