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Friday, September 27, 2013

An update on The Accidental Assassin


As many of you know this summer has been incredibly busy for me. I had hoped to be able to catch up once my daughter started school, but I wasn’t prepared for how sick she would get. She’s been at home with me the last few years and while that is something I’m grateful for, it means her immune system wasn’t up to snuff. So, for the last month and half, she has been continuously sick. Horrible fevers, stomach bugs, you name it, and she’s had it in the last few weeks. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. The poor thing has been miserable. So, not only was I not able to catch up on work, I fell even farther behind. And the truth is that my daughter will always come first. And since I have a contract with Avon to complete, my indie projects took a hit.

What does this mean for The Accidental Assassin? It means I’m not going to publish it on October 8th. I know that this will upset people, but I had decisions to make—and one of those was whether or not I should rush the book out the door, or take my time and make sure it went out smoothly. I’m still aiming for a release this year but am not going to say when as of yet. I also hope that the bloggers that made time on their schedules for the release will forgive me. I know how valuable your time is and I truly thought I would have it all done and wrapped up in a bow for you. Please accept my apologies.


Thank you to everyone that reads my books. I truly love Ava and Owen’s story, so I hope you won’t mind waiting a little bit longer.


All the best,


Nichole Chase


  1. I don't mind waiting! My munchkins do and will have the same stuff to deal with! The good stuff is worth waiting for and your stuff is always good!!!! And on another note: RIPTIDE! RIPTIDE! RIPTIDE!

    1. <3 I swear it will be out as soon as I can do it! I'm dying to release it. And thank you. I've been stressing over this decision.

  2. If anyone out there can't understand that unforeseen circumstances can crop up in the life of an author who has been as diligent as you have been, then they need to have a good long hard look at themselves.

    You do what you need to do Nichole. The people who are in your corner will stay in your corner.

    Love and Best.

  3. I'm so excited to read this book, but I'm sure like most of your readers, I'm more than happy to wait for it to be perfect! So don't stress, I promise I won't hurl any rocks any rocks at you, maybe just some chocolate...cause chocolate makes everything better :)

  4. I don't mind waiting either. I'd rather it be polished and ready to go. Nothing worse than reading a book full of typos and such. I'm so excited to read it though. The cover is so freaking adorable! Hope your kiddo starts feeling better soon. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your little one, I hope her immune system catches up soon! Thanks for the update! I'll look forward to whenever you release it because I always love curling up on my couch and reading your books!

  6. I'm a mommy too and I agree with you about what comes first. Take your time, I'll be waiting :) Any chance you'll be giving ARCs of Accidental Assassin to reviewers? I've reviewwed a couple of your books and really enjoy them!

  7. I may not be a mother, but I am a sister with three younger brother (two of which there is a 15+ year age difference) so I understand being protective of family. I hope your daughter gets better. I am disappointed in not reading Accidental Assassin, but I can hardly blame you. I'd do the exact same thing in your position. When you get the book published, make sure to let me know! I can't wait for another great read. I swear I've read Suddenly Royal a million and one times. And as Leti said, if you do feel like giving out ARC's my hand is up in the air to grab one. Feel free to check out my book blog if you have any time. But if you don't, I'd rather you be writing as it'll get me closer to reading your wonderful books! Hope your daughter gets well soon!

    The Kooky Bookworm

  8. I am sad that its delayed, but family always comes first. I hope everyone in the family is feeling better soon and you can get all caught up! I love all your books! Keep up the good work.


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