Recklessly Royal Teaser

Friday, December 13, 2013

The time is getting near. Recklessly Royal is out in stores in just a few short months.


So, you know what that means? It means it's TEASER TIME. Are you ready?

I can't hear you! Are you ready?


(And stay tuned for some information on book three after the teaser!)

As they stepped down from the dais, Jess moved forward to straighten Sam’s train and to return the wedding bouquet. At the bottom of the stairs, Alex bowed and Sam curtsied to Mother before making the long walk back to the palace. I could see them laughing as they walked, waving to friends and familiar faces. As I stepped carefully down the stairs a pair of warm eyes caught my attention.

David watched me with a small smile, but there was something in his eyes I hadn’t noticed in another man’s gaze before. Hunger. Just good, old-fashioned lust, and it sent a shiver down my spine. His eyes traveled over the tight-fitting satin of my dress and back to the barely noticeable cleavage.

I might never have a relationship like Sam and Alex. Hell, I might never find that type of love. But I could find someone to make my blood run hot for one night.

The last boy I had dated had treated me like a trophy, showing me off at parties. Even his kissing had been more like battle than something passionate; as if he was trying to lay claim to me, instead of loving everything I am.

Most girls wanted a man who made them feel like a princess, but I wanted one who made me feel like a woman.

And I think I’d just figured out who that was going to be. I’d just have to convince him as well.

What do you think? Sound like fun? That Cathy has a plan and I can't wait for you to see how it turns out.


About Book THREE....

That's right. Book three!


I can't share the cover yet, but I can say, that it is drool worthy! I think you're all going to be very pleased with this book. We have one last royal sibling to discuss--Max! You'll get to see more of him in Recklessly Royal and even catch a glimpse of his love interest.

That's it for now! What do you think?



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