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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here's a little taste of what's to come in March! I can't wait for you guys to spend time with Cathy and David. They were so much fun to write.

He was sitting on a large stone with a fishing pole in his hands. I slowed to a jog and then a walk. I pulled my earbuds out and let them hang over my shoulder.

“Hey.” I walked over to where he was sitting and smiled down at him. We’d texted a few times since our date, but hadn’t been able to match up our schedules to see each other.

“I was hoping I might see you.” He held his hand out to me and pulled me to sit next to him.

“You were hoping I’d be fishing?”

“I was hoping I’d see you run past. Thankfully you stopped. I’m not much of a runner and you were moving pretty fast.” He set down his pole and turned to look at me.

“How’d you know I’d be running?”

“I was hoping.” His smile turned wicked and my heart rate had nothing to do with my exercise.

“Hoping what exactly?”

He reached out and twisted a strand of my hair around his finger. “I heard from a trustworthy source that no one ever comes to this part of the lake—except for a princess when she goes running. And I thought that you just might be hot enough to want to take a dip with me.”

“I didn’t bring my swimming suit.”

He patted along his chest and shorts. “Looks like I forgot mine too.”

“I guess we’re out of luck.” I lifted one eyebrow as he reached around me to undo the strap of the mp3 player on my arm.

“I can think of an alternative.” With a delicate finger he traced the strap of my tank top before sliding it down my shoulder.

“Are you suggesting that we go skinny dipping?” My stomach did a funny little flip. He was right, no one ever came to this side of the lake, but the thought of swimming naked with him was enough to get my juices flowing.

“Oh, I’m more than suggesting it. I’m asking really nicely.” Leaning forward, he pressed his lips to mine and I melted into his side. Carefully he laid me down on the rock and rolled over so that his body was partially covering mine. When he pulled back from my mouth, he pressed a kiss to the shoulder he had pushed the strap off of. “I missed you this week.”

My heart was beating a million times a minute, but when he said he missed me, it froze in shock. It didn’t take long before it started back again and I felt like I had melted into the rock. Touching his cheek, I made him look at me. “I missed you too.”

Hunger filled his gaze as he looked at my face. “Good.”

Just in case you are as excited about the release as I am, you can preorder your copy here:



  1. Love it- I am actually in the middle of a Suddenly Royal re-read (again), I am so excited for RR to finally get here!

  2. I ain't Jay Cutler, 2 tbsp supplement every day is more than enough for me. The instructs on the back are meant for professional body builders and not the average Joe like me.


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