TWO WEEKS! The 2015 RT Convention in Dallas, Texas

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's almost here. One of the most fun events in the book world is happening in Dallas this year! Are you coming? I sure hope you are because it's shaping up to be helluva event.

There are going to be books, talks, books, events, and more books.

I'm going to be on a panel. Oy vey. Me speaking. Oh, and I'm moderating a panel with Colleen Hoover, Jay Crownover, Sophie Jordan, Christina Lee, K.A. Linde, and Lia Riley. We will be discussing the New Adult genre inside and outside the college setting.

I'm going to take a moment right here to take a deep breath. *gasp, struggle, gasp* Great unicorns, how the heck did I end up moderating a panel with these amazing women on it? So, if you want to watch me turn really pink, stutter, and possibly sound like an idiot, then you should definitely come to the panel! If you don't want to see any of that but you DO want to see these amazing authors share their brilliance? Then come on out and be sure to clap and whistle for them. Bonus points if you get to see me laugh enough to snort. ;)

Here's the info:

If I manage to not snort on that panel, you'll have another chance to make an idiot of myself. I'm also on a panel with my fabulous agent Rebecca Friedman, awesome publicist KP Simmon, amazing Kevan Lyon, and stupendous author Kristen Proby. We will be discussing Hybrid Publishing teams and how they work. Considering the way the publishing world is changing and shifting this is an important topic.

Here's the info:

Oh, oh, oh! Don't miss Avons Night in Paris... Texas. There are going to be a TON of amazing authors signing FREE books. Here's a little idea of what you're in for...

Tout arrive en Texas!  Y’all are all invited to join the authors of Avon Books for an exclusive, kick-your-heels-up adventure in the City of Lights…right here in the Lone Star State, home of “The Second Largest Paris in the World!”  Join us for a trēs romantique interlude featuring all your favorite Avon, William Morrow, Harper Voyager and Harper Teen authors (list TK), who will be signing copies of some of their most beloved books—just for attendees of the RT Booklovers convention.  Be our guest and enjoy beaucoup de vin delicieux, compliments of our co-sponsor Little Black Dress Wines, and a variety of tray-passed sweets and French-style treats!  All sweetness and Light, just for one night!

Click on the link to see who is going to be there with free books!

And of course, there is going to be the NEW ADULT COLLEGE PARTY on Tuesday night! Come join us to mingle with readers and authors while playing fun college games, and possible chance to win some awesome prizes! And the authors that will be there!? Well, find out here...

Now, I do have a little bad news... If you want to get signed copies of any of my self-published titles you'll need to order the books a head of time and bring them for me to sign. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the convention isn't set up to handle both indie published and traditional published books for each author (thought they are working on that.) I will have a few of my titles to giveaway, but if there is one you are looking for in particular then you should order it ahead of time and bring it along with you. A link where you can purchase physical copies: HERE. 

I'm really stoked guys and can't wait to see everyone. And if you see me, you should totally ask me for a tiara. I'm bringing some to give out and want to see them being proudly worn during the convention!

For more information check out the RT Convention website. There is SO much happening.

So come see me and don't forget I've cut my hair short, but I think my tiara will give me away. ;)



  1. So...any chance of these panels being video'ed and possibly being made available on, say, YouTube??

    1. Dean, considering that I'm terrified about speaking in front of a bunch of people, the thought of it going on YouTube made me shake in my desk chair. Lol.

  2. Will you be at the weekend signings?

    1. Hi Christina! I will be at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday. I believe I will be in the New Adult alley. I haven't seen a map, so I'm not sure where that will be in Texas, but it should be a on the map they hand out before you go in. It will have every author that is signing listed.

      I hope to see you there!


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