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Monday, November 2, 2015

I've been asked why I write romance. In fact I get asked that quite often. Why do I write romance?

Well, I believe in real romance. Not just the big moments standing under the Eiffel Tower, or doves floating through a blue sky, but the little moments that take our breath away. A single look that conveys a hundred words. A small act of kindness or understanding that passes between people that have spent fifty years together.

I believe that romance is more than the perfection that is often portrayed in movies and books. It's bonking heads when you go in for your first kiss (or teeth in my case...), it's falling off the couch while trying to be sexy (guilty again), it's stealing a bite of ice cream before taking the bowl to your sick partner in bed.

Years ago, I met my husband in high school. We didn't start dating until college but somehow I knew that we would eventually end up together. It was this weird sort of patient knowing that we were meant to be and that it would happen when the time was right.

Now, don't let me make it sound too perfect. I mean--it was magical. I saw him across the parking lot of my high school and had one of those slow-mo moments where I grabbed my friends arm and asked who that boy with the blond hair was. Years before I'd moved to Georgia, I'd had a dream and the boy in that dream looked just like the guy running across the parking lot in front of me.

...but there were also not so magical moments. Like hitting our teeth during our first kiss--don't worry--I laughed then too. Or the fact that he had two jobs for our wedding and managed to get one of them wrong. (Pick up the correct number of tables for the reception and show up on time. Well, he was there on time, but we didn't have all the tables.) And I may have accidently turned some of his favorite pants pink while doing laundry... and eaten the leftovers he'd been saving for lunch. What can I say? They looked yummy.

THIS is why I write romance. REAL ROMANCE.

And now I want to hear about your #RealRomance moments. I want to know the perfect and the not so perfect.

The sky is the limit with these real life stories! Tell about your first date with your love, a funny story, your first fight, include pictures or don't. It is completely up to you! We want the real deal on romance. Does your significant other steal bites of your favorite ice cream when you aren’t looking? Do you rush inside to find the remote after a long day so you’re not stuck watching ESPN? Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would get up with the kids at midnight? Share those real life moments that make the magic of real romance with real people so much better.

I want the goods. And to repay you for sharing I'm hosting giveaways all week. I may even have a few friends join the fun, so keep your eyes open.

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  1. Before we ever started dating, we were friends in University. I really wanted to go to this ballroom dance that the ballroom dance club was hosting, so I asked him to go. Unfortunately he didn't know how to dance, so I had to teach him everything I knew. We spent one Saturday in my tiny University apartment practicing moves....and occasionally he'd waltz me right into the refrigerator on our way through the kitchen!! :) That was the beginning of our epic love story.

  2. When I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I was perfectly fine until the Dr's appointment where I was told I wasn't allowed to have the sushi I so love, I had a mini-meltdown in the office, completely bawling my eyes out. I must have looked slightly crazy. Anyway, my better half knew that it was a challenge for me, and so it wasn't a surprise when the first question I asked the pediatrician after I had just given birth was- "Can I eat sushi again now?" (literally, I still had the epidural going). Probably not my finest moment considering I just gave birth to our wonderful first baby. A few hours later, when he went home to take a shower, he came back in with a mountain of sushi from our favorite place and some cheesecake for dessert. It was perfection for us.

  3. I met my husband at a toga party when we were 16! We didn't date until college.
    One of his friends was talking to him and asked him if he knew he was in love with me, he had that big moment right then. Three weeks later and some minor drama later, we fell further in love and haven't looked back.
    He's the guy who lets me sleep an extra hour in the morning or surprises me with food on his way home for class just because.

  4. It's really sad but I don't think I have a moment. Not in a long time anyway. I'm single. But I liked reading your moments and everyone else's moments.

  5. My husband and I fell in love at first sight.

  6. The amazing guy I have now is honestly so damn romantic, it's kind of sickening lol. I'm a pessimist/had a rough go at love before him, but he's far surpassed anything I could have wanted :) Like you said our romantic and REAL moments come from me "trying" to be sexy and us crying laughing when it turns out badly lol. 3 months strong xoxoxo

  7. I call my hubs hug and runner. The weekend we met when he left he side hugged me and took off. He showed up at my pt job a month later and asked me out. :D

  8. My hubs and I were set up on a blind date by his roommate, my friend's boyfriend. He showed up in his jeep, no doors on it, and a red silk shirt tucked into faded black jeans. He's a big guy and the look did nothing for him. We clicked on our dinner date and realized our dads worked together for many years. I grew up hearing about these twin boys and their crazy shenanigans only to realize one of them would be my husband. We have been together 21 years and have two kids.


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