Forever Taboo

Monday, May 27, 2019


If you don't follow me on Social Media, then you're going to be surprised (hopefully, happily so) to find out that I have novella coming out on May 28th (tomorrow! EEEK!)

FOREVER TABOO is a paranormal romance set and part of the Midnight Covens Vampire Brides series. Each novella can be read alone or in any order. You don't have to read all of them to read one of them--but you should! Because they're all great. For those of you that have been with me from the very start, you'll know that I started out writing paranormal and urban fantasy stories, so it's been a lot of fun to go back to my roots. I dare say that while I will be continuing to write contemporary romance it will be interspersed with paranormal stories. I hope my contemporary readers will give them a shot.

FOREVER TABOO will only be available on Kindle and will be part of the Kindle Unlimited program for those of you that subscribe. (ME! I use KU all the time!)

Now! A little about FOREVER TABOO and the first chapter. Also, isn't that cover to die for? *SIGH* Gosh, I love a good cover.

In Ireland, where female witches have been hunted to near extinction, she’s a rare jewel that glows like the moon. He’s a vampire, blood thirsty and not ashamed of it. When he sees a woman being abducted by two burly men, he can’t quite keep himself from trying to step in to help. Too bad Willow didn’t really need his help and instead he ends up in her not so gentle care.
Witches and Vampires aren’t supposed to mix. It makes them too big of a target… too much of a threat. Especially when there are so few female witches in Ireland to continue their species. The last thing Cavan wants is to be attracted to the tiny, red headed woman, but his traitorous heart won’t stop beating every time she’s near... A heart that hasn’t beat in four hundred years; a heart that would only begin to beat again once he found his true mate.

If he pursues feisty Willow he will be breaking every taboo there is among their species.

*** Please note that FOREVER TABOO is a novella, not a full length novella. It's meant to be enjoyed in on sitting, while eating lunch, or just before bed. It's a fun, short and sweet novella meant to entertain you for a short time.***

Chapter 1

The few porch lights still on at the late hour flickered erratically as Cavan staggered down the narrow lane. He grimaced and rubbed at his eyes with one hand. He knew he should have stopped at three drinks, but the last one had practically begged him to take a sip.

He should have known something wasn’t right. She’d smelled off, but he’d attributed it to the alcohol and company she’d been keeping for most of the night. Instead of nipping a little more blood before he made his exit, now he was wasted, staggering down a nameless lane in a tiny Irish village.

A hiccup interrupted his thought process and steps. How could hiccups hurt so damn much? Reaching out a hand, he leaned against a nearby light pole and closed his eyes. The flickering of the lights was making his head pound. Without thinking he slammed his fist into the post causing the wood to splinter. Not realizing the damage he’d inflicted, he wasn’t ready when the top half of the pole slowly fell forward, only to make contact with his head.

“Bloody hell.” Cavan crouched down and held his head, his ears ringing so loudly he forgot about the lights until he heard a woman’s voice raised in anger.
“I’ll kick your stupid asses, or arses—whatever you call them, if you try to touch me again!”

Heh. American, he thought. Looking up, he could make out the blurry outlines of three people standing at the end of the lane. Two men stood in front of a pixie-sized woman, her chin defiantly raised.

The largest man held his hands up in a placating gesture just as the other man rushed forward. A flash of silver light sparked between them as the woman screamed in anger.
Bloody hell, witches. He stood up and started to make a hasty, if wobbly retreat, but something pulled in his chest stopping him in his tracks. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that the men had caught the little witch and she was flailing in an effort to escape.

“This is kidnapping! This is assault! You can’t do this. I’ll hurt you.  I’ll do it. This is your only warning!” She continued to try and pull away from her captors and something in his chest tightened. No one should be treated that way.

The street lights flickered again and he realized it wasn’t just his senses messing with him. The witches were pulling power to try and hold the tiny woman. She must be incredibly strong. No wonder they wanted her enough to steal her off the streets. Female witches had almost disappeared in Ireland, hunted by authorities during the witch trials almost to extinction.

“I said, Let. Me. Go!” Her skin began to glow the softest blue, almost like the moon on a clear night.

“We’re not going to hurt you, lass!” One of the men hollered before dropping her arm and stepping back.

“I told you. I told you I’d hurt you.” Her hair started to float around her shoulders as her eyes zeroed in on the man still holding her arm.

What she didn’t see was that the other man hadn’t really given up. He’d pulled something from his pocket that looked suspiciously like a gun and was raising it to aim at her back.

Cavan’s focus sharpened, and he was moving before thought could filter through his brain. He barely made it between the tiny witch and the male before something exploded in his chest.

Growling, he bared his fangs and grabbed the male witch by the throat before throwing him against a lamp post. Thankfully that one didn’t land on his head.

He wasn’t sure if the other man's gasp was because of what Cavan had done to him or the effect of the blinding silver light that seemed to explode from the pixie behind him. Cavan himself was thrown forward, landing hard on his chest. He tried to push himself to standing, only to fall forward again, but this time he realized there was something impaled in his chest.

Horror swept through him as he reached up and frantically tried to remove a stake. Instead of the wooden stick he expected, his shaking hands yanked a dart from his chest. He tossed it to the side, not sure if he should be relieved or even more worried. Witch potions could be fatal to vampires.

His head hit the pavement as his eyes fought to stay open. Tennis shoes moved into his line of sight and he tried to look up, but only managed to moan.

“What were you thinking?” Someone knelt down next to him, and a small hand brushed the hair from his forehead. “Why would you do that?”

“Try. Help.” His words slurred so much he would be embarrassed if he wasn’t about to pass out.

“Idiot. I had everything under control.” Her hand lingered on his skin.
He snorted. “Didn’t… didn’t look… like it.”

It was her turn to snort. “I might be small, but they were no match for me. Now c’mon. Let's go take care of the puncture.”

His eyes shut and he wondered how she thought she was going to move a grown man twice her size. Suddenly the world spun and his head lolled to the side. It took him a moment to realize that she had not only lifted him, but thrown him over her shoulder.
“Hey!” He tried to struggle, but got no where.

“Stop that and be a good boy.” To his utter dismay she smacked his ass, like he was an unruly toddler. “It’ll take longer to get to my place if you fight.”

As he drifted off, he thought of how he’d just been sexually harassed by the woman he’d tried to help and wondered if he had somehow become the kidnap victim.

P.S. Stay tuned for more announcements. I have more surprises in store over the next few months. Just bare with me while I get back in the writing game after my hiatus.

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