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  1. Just finished Suddenly Royal and absolutely loved it. I hope there are others in this series. Looking forward to reading some of your other books.

  2. In the past two days I have read Suddenly Royal, Flukes, and The Dark Betrayal Trilogy. I loved them! I can't wait for the next books in the Suddenly Royal and Flukes series as well as reading more of your other books!

  3. Reading Suddenly Royal right now and I am loving every bit of it. Definitely looking forward to reading more of your books

  4. just finished the last of the suddenly royals and I loved it as much as the previous 2. I'm begging you....please don't let this be the last!!!! surely they must have some royal cousins who are single too???? i can't say goodbye!!!!

  5. More Flukes please! I must have the mermaids! Eeerrr merfolk?
    I NEED Blake and Meena and Violet and Jacen and Mireille to continue on! I need more!


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